Principles of Microeconomics

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My best teaching evaluation ever.

Having Trouble with Mechanical Aspects of Microeconomics?

Khan Academy is an online video source that has many short lectures on the arithmetic and mechanics of econ.
Check out the videos here if you'd like.

Fun Stuff:

This is how professors grade tests and papers.

This is how you should NOT email a professor.

The PEAK video that went viral.

Here's what some of my students do during the 103 lecture  here's what someone else did
Perhaps I should have a contest for the best video each semester?

Why my students call me "The Chameleon"

You never know who is going to show up to lecture in 103: Doogie,    The Academic  BatProf

Here's my reputation for holding class no matter what.

What you can do with an SFU degree

For fans of "How I Met Your Mother",  see how Barney Stinson exploits the Principle of Substitution on Robin.

Here are some funny abuses of economic thinking from Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

This is a very telling (and funny) example of the Prisoner's Dilemma, note the show.

Here's a 10 minute TED talk that elaborates on the great gains in wealth that come from specialization and middlemen.

Here's a cute high school video that helps explain why tuna cans are not the optimal size to minimize metal content.

A student sent this Friend's clip in that hints at common knowledge.

Is this the best or worse speech of all time?

Archie Bunker on the law of demand, right to carry laws, and airplane hijackers.

A very disturbing example of the principle of substitution.

A problem with impatience?  Cute clip of impatient children.

A cartoon version of the Monkey's Paw.  How does this relate to maximization?  Here's another monkey video ... the monkey trap.

Russell Peters on inter-racial bargaining.

Here's Chris Rock on the law of demand for bullets (language warning: it's Chris Rock)

Is this altruism, investment, or consumption?

A Friends clip on the diminishing value of porn

Barney shows why an indifference curve slopes upwards when trading of goods vs. bads.

This is probably the best example of the  WORST economic reasoning of all time, and explains why Elon Musk's firms have
received almost $5 billion in subsidies. 

Here's and example of the idea that smart people get rich. Ask yourself how plausible this is, and if so, how rare.