Chris Bidner

Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University

Research Interests

I am interested in applied theory, with particular interest in the fields of Development and Labour. My CV is here (Sept, 2017).


Investing in Skill and Searching for Coworkers: Endogenous Entry in a Matching Market
(with Guillaume Roger and Jess Moses)
Winner of AEJ:Micro Best Paper Award
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 2016
[draft] [online appendix]

Property Rights over Marital Transfers
(with Siwan Anderson)
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2015
[draft] [online appendix]

A Gender-Based Theory of the Origins of the Caste System of India
(with Mukesh Eswaran)
Journal of Development Economics, 2015

A Spillover-Based Theory of Credentialism
Canadian Journal of Economics, 2014

The Emergence of Political Accountability
(with Patrick Francois)
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2013

Cultivating Trust: Norms, Institutions, and the Implications of Scale
(with Patrick Francois)
Economic Journal, 2011

Pre-Match Investment with Frictions
Games and Economic Behavior, 2010

Working Papers

Marriage, Commitment and Unbundling Gendered Norms
(with Siwan Anderson and Clementine Sadania)

The Allocation of Political Power when Power Corrupts

Matching for Social Mobility with Unobserved Heritable Characteristics
(with John Knowles)

A Theory of Minimalist Democracy
(with Patrick Francois and Francesco Trebbi)

Job Prospects and Pay Gaps: Theory and Evidence on the Gender Gap from U.S. Cities
(with Ben Sand)

In Progress

Political Parties in Developing Democracies: Personal Rule, Clientelism and Corruption
(with Patrick Francois)


Trust and Vulnerability
(with Ken Jackson)

Peer Effects and the Promise of Social Mobility: A Model of Human Capital Investment [older draft]

Book Reviews

"The Entrepreneurial Group: Social Identities, Relations, and Collective Action", by Martin Ruef [draft]
Journal of Economic Psychology, 32 (2011), pp. 529-530

"Identity Economics", by George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton [draft]
Journal of Economic Psychology, 31 (2010), pp. 1061-1063



Office: WMC 2686