Upcoming Events

Further events will be annouced soon.

Resource list for graduate students

The Chemistry Graduate Caucus has compiled a list of useful resources for graduate students in our department. Feel free to recommend additional resources to via our new social media accounts, or to Matthew Brown or Nicole LeGrow.

Chemistry Graduate Caucus Social Media Accounts

New in 2018 the graduate cacus is trying to make sure students know what we are up to, and how we are working to make grad life better. So now we have some social media account where you can find out about upcoming events, contests and so on, even if you miss our emails.

Our new twitter is @cgcsfu

Our new Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/cgcsfu

Recent Events

Board Game Social!

WHEN: Friday May 17th, 5:30–10:00 pm


There will be a board game social at the above date and time. We've lined up a number of games already, but everyone should feel welcome to bring more. We also will have a TV if anyone wants to bring a games console and some games to play. Note: This will be an alchohol free event, as it was easier to increase the focus on board games and allow us to do more socials this year. Food and non-alchoholic beverages will be provided.

Climbing Social

Thank you to everyone who came out: This was a big success and we are planning more active socials in future. We are also thinking of making the climbing social a yearly or twice annual event.

Movember Moustache Contest

We raised a lot of money for charity, thank you to everyone who donated.


That you to all the volunteers who came out this year and made this show so great! I've included some of the pictures taken at the event that show our volunteers reaching out to the public.

Pumpkin Contest

Congratulations to our winers, and thank you to everyone who took part in this years contest!