Econ 496: Economic Growth and Development
David  Andolfatto

Course Grading: 2 Midterms, Final Exam and Term Paper.

     Midterm 1:
Monday, October 4. (20%)
     Midterm 2: Wednesday, November 3 (20%)
     Final: TBA (30%)
     Term Paper: (30%) Due: No later than one week following the final exam.

      Paper Guidelines:
      Come up with a specific question that you are interested in addressing. The question may be either
      theoretical or empirical in nature and may constitue original research, an extension of existing work,
      or a critique of existing work. Develop a simple model that is designed to address the question
      you have posed. Use the model to answer your question. Discuss the possible limitations of your
      model and how it might be improved upon.
      A good source of topics can be found here:
      (or just perform a web search for any topic that you might be interested in).
      Preliminary outline due: October 13.
      Rough draft due: November 17.



Assignments and Exams