Temporary Solution

Flint Michigan is able to send in large of amounts of bottled water, but since an average person in the United States uses around 390 litres of water per day considering the water condition isn’t even adequate to shower with. 390 litres of water is equivalent to around 812 standard size bottled water. Taking that into account, it wouldn’t be environmentally and politically sustainable.

Permanent Solution

Replacing the pipes in Flint Michigan would be the most efficient and complete solution. Replacing the lead pipes with plastic pipes along with clean water while switching back to the city of Detroit’s water supply for now would most likely be the only possible permanent solution. To execute this solution, experts estimated at least 1.5 billion in cost to replace all of the pipes, making this solution also the most expensive one. Digging all the pipes up and replacing them is really the only solution other than moving all of the citizens out of Flint.

Alternate Solution

Taking control of one’s own water is also a solution. The EPA and U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention tested and declared that filtered water is safe to drink. They suggested that the lead coming through the filters are “too low even to be tested”. Installing home filtration systems would remove heavy metals from water giving citizens control over their water and a new temporary solution.