PHYS 347 - Introduction to Biological Physics

Instructor: Eldon Emberly Office: SCB9684 Phone: 23701 e-mail: eemberly_at_sfu_dot_ca


Important Dates:

Oct 2 - Midterm 1 (in class)

Nov 13 - Midterm 2 (in class)

Text Website: Physical Biology of the Cell


Topic 1a: Scaling laws in biology
Topic 1b: Molecular Biology Census
Topic 2: Energy in Biological Systems
Topic 3: Probability Theory, Entropy     Probability theory     Kinetic theory     Boltzmann distribution
Topic 4: Equilibrium Binding and Chemical Kinetics
Topic 5: RNA Folding/Protein Folding
Topic 6: Random Polymers and Chromosomes     notes on summation
Topic 7: Biomolecular Beams and Membranes
Topic 8: Diffusion
Topic 9: Fluid Dynamics and Life at Low Reynold's Number
Topic 10: Ionic Solutions and applications
Topic 11: Membrane Potentials
Topic 12: Nerve Impulses

Midterm Quiz:

Midterm 2 quiz

Final Quiz:

final quiz


Assignment 1 (Due Sept. 18 in class)
Assignment 2 (Due Oct. 2 in class)
Assignment 3 (Due Oct. 23 in class)
Assignment 4 (Due Nov. 6 in class)
Assignment 5 (Due Nov. 20 in class)
Practice assignment

Final equation sheet