You might be interested to see a book that describes the experience of three teachers implementing some of this book's ideas. Miranda Armstrong, Ann Connolly, and Kathy Saville wrote Journeys of Discovery (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1994) in which they describe a series of lessons and units they taught drawing on the planning frameworks in TaST.





If you would like to read the Introduction to Teaching as Story Telling, click below.


After the publication of the book, I had, inevitably, ideas I would have liked to include in it. I wrote them as a Supplement to Teaching as Story Telling, and you may see them below. They involve an additional chapter and a set of further examples of applying the story form framework.

Supplement to TaST: Part 1

Supplement to TaST: Part 2

Please use the "Feedback" link below to send your comments or questions about "Teaching as Story Telling", or tell about your experience using the planning framework, difficulties or limitations you have found, or whatever. Where appropriate, I will respond and collect comments and responses in the "Discussion" section below.





If, for some bizarre reason, you would like to buy a copy of this book, you may do so through the publishers listed below:

In Canada, Althouse Press

Elsewhere, University of Chicago Press

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