Discrete Studies@ SFU 2001-1

The term discrete studies is intended to capture a diverse family of research topics which entail elements of finitary or discrete mathematics and exact reasoning. Simon Fraser University houses several such research groups spanning at least three faculties. Currently there are regular activities in Combinatorics, Theoretical Computer Science, Exact Philosophy, Computational Logic, Algebraic Logic, Network Modelling, Graph Theory, Discrete Optimization and MITACS industrial partnerships which fit this description.

Most researchers feel at home participating in more than one of these groups, but communication between the groups has at times been sporadic. This page is an attempt to coordinate and announce courses, seminars, workshops and study groups whose topics and methods have a discrete flavour. If you know of a group, event or person who should be listed below, then please let me know about it!


Event Where / When Organizer / Contact Person Topic
Discrete Instructional Seminar Tuesdays, 10:30-12:00, K 9509 P. Lisonek, M. Khatirinejad-Fard Group readings of selected works in discrete math
Combinatorics Seminar Tuesdays, 3:30-4:20, EAA 4100 L. Goddyn, L. Stacho Presentations of combinatorial research
CECM Analysis & Optimization Seminar Monday, 3:30-5:00, K 9509 A. Lewis Presentaions in optimization
CS Theory and Algorithms Meeting Thursdays, 11:30-1:00 (pizza), ASB 10820 B. Bhattacharya Theoretical CS forum.
Computational Logic Seminar Friday, 1:30 - 2:20 (pizza), ASB 9705 J. Delgrande, D. Mitchell, O. Schulte, E. Ternovska Studies and presentations in automated reasoning, belief revision, constraint satisfaction, decision theory, formal software verification, etc.
Network Modelling Fridays, 11:30-13:20, ASB 10820 J. Peters Mathematical modelling of networks, network protocols, network traffic, performance prediction and analysis.
MITACS Facility Location Optimization Biweekly, Harbour Centre B. Bhattacharya Industrial partnership forum for facility location and vehicle routing
Algebraic Logic Reading Group To be arranged T. Nicholson Readings of the Laboratory for Logic & Experimental Philosophy
Courses for 2003/2004   
CMPT 881 Fall 2003 D. Mitchell Logic and Computability
CMPT 881 Fall 2003 A. Gupta Computational Molecular Biology
MATH 445 Fall 2003 L. Goddyn Introduction to Graph Theory
MATH 408 Spring 2004 J. Farr Discrete Optimization
MATH 443 Spring 2004 P. Lisonek Combinatorial Theory
MATH 820 Spring 2004 L. Goddyn Graph Theory
CMPT 813 Spring 2004 B. Bhattacharya Computational Geometry
CMPT 816 Spring 2004 J. Peters Theory of Communications Networks
CMPT 881 Spring 2004 P. Berenbrink Analysis of Algorithms
CMPT 881 Spring 2004 A. Liestman Network Structures and Communication
CMPT 405 Summer 2004 R. Krishnamurti Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
CMPT 881 Summer 2004 A. Liestman Algorithms for Well Structured Graphs
MATH 834 Summer 2004 A. Lewis Optimization


Faculty: Affiliation
Petra Barenbrink CMPT
Binay Bhattacharya CMPT
Tom Brown MATH
Jim Delgrande CMPT
Luis Goddyn MATH
Quanping Gu CMPT
Arvind Gupta CMPT/MITACS
Lou Hafer CMPT
Pavol Hell CMPT/MATH
Jonathan Jedwab MATH/IRMACS
Ray Jennings PHIL
Ramesh Krishnamurti CMPT
Adrian Lewis MATH
Arthur Liestman CMPT
Petr Lisonek MATH
David Mitchell CMPT
Michael Monagan MATH/CECM
Joseph Peters CMPT
Oliver Schulte CMPT/PHIL
Thomas Shermer CMPT
Laco Stacho MATH
Eugenia Ternovska CMPT
Adjuncts, Emeriti, Instructors & PostDocs Affiliation
Brian Alspach MATH
Brad Bart CMPT
Amitava Bhattacharya CMPT
Mikhail Bilenky PIMS/MITACS
Rick Brewster MATH
Ronald Ferguson MATH
Jeffery Farr MATH
Tom Friedetzky PIMS
William Galway MATH
Daya Gaur CMPT
Malcolm Greig OFF SITE
Lou Ibarra CMPT/MATH
Veselin Jungic MATH
Alexander Kononov MITACS
William McCuaig MATH
Juan Montellano MATH
Joseph Yu MATH
Qinglin Yu MATH
Graduate Students: Affiliation
Shabnam Akhtari MATH
Robert Benkoczi CMPT
Aaron Bradford MATH
Dave Breton CMPT
Laura Chavez MATH
Peter Chen CMPT
Diana Cukierman CMPT
Danny Dyer MATH
Nicole Friedrich PHIL/CMPT
Mohammad Ghebleh MATH
Jens Happe CMPT
Aaron Hunter CMPT
Arman Kaveh MATH
Mahdad Khatirinejad Fard MATH
Benjamin Lewis CMPT
Rizwan Merchant CMPT
Snezana Mitrovic-Minic CMPT
Timothy Mott MATH
Reza Narserasr MATH
Tara Nicholson PHIL/MATH
Nadia Nosrati Kenareh MATH
Thalie Prevost PHIL/CMPT
Bruce Rout MATH
Kimberly Tucker CMPT
Maryam Verdian Rizi MATH

Groups and Labs:

Algorithms & Optimization Group
Computational Logic Group
Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
Lab for Logic and Experimental Philosophy

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