Luis Goddyn's Graduate students

Current Students

Name Degree Topic
Halasz, Kevin Ph.D. To be determined

Past Students

Name Degree Thesis Completion Year
Halasz, Kevin M.Sc. Coloring Cayley Tables of Finite Groups2017
Funk, Daryl M.Sc. On excluded minors and biased graph representations of frame matroids (co-supervised with M. DeVos)2015
Xu, Yian M.Sc. Generalized Thrackles and Graph Embeddings2013
Deshpande, Tanmay M.Sc. Cones, Lattices and Hilbert Bases of Cuts2013
Verdian-Rizi, Maryam Ph.D. Triangulations of the Torus with at most Two Odd Vertices: Structure and Coloring2010
Spencer, Andrea M.Sc. Edge-choosability of Cubic Graphs and the Polynomial Method 2010
Johnson, Samuel M.Sc. Hypercube Embeddings (Transfered supervisor, Jan 2011) 2010
Ghebleh, Mohammad Ph.D. Theorems and Computations in Circular Colourings of Graphs 2007
Chavez Lomeli, Laura Ph.D. Circular Flow and Circular Chromatic Number in the Matroid Context 2007
Nicholson, Dorian Ph.D. Philosophical Hypergraphics: Some Applications to Philosophy of the Theory of Hypergraphs(Special Arrangements Co-supervisor) 2007
Seary, Andrew Ph.D. MultiNet: An interactive program for analysing and visualizing complex networks (Special Arrangements Co-supervisor)2005
Gvozdjak, Pavol Ph.D. On the Oberwolfach Problem for Cycles with Multiple Lengths 2004
Rout, Bruce M.Sc. An Examination of Resourcing, Staffing and Scheduling within the RCMP 2002
Stardom, John M.Sc. Metaheuristics and the Search for Covering and Packing Arrays 2001
Affleck, Ian Ph.D. Minimizing Expected Broadcast Time in Unreliable Networks 2000
Gvozdjak, Pavol M.Sc. Highly Extendable Graphs Without Short Cycles 1993
Fu, Xudong M.Sc. Matroids with the Circuit Cover Property 1991