Film Sound Bibliography   

 Alten, Stanley R. Audio in Media, The Recording Studio Wadsworth, New York: 1996


Basic textbook for audio production with an emphasis on audio for post (television). Lacks detail in some areas but is nonetheless fairly complete. Available in paperback
Altman, Rick (editor) Sound Theory Sound Practice AFI, Routledge: New York, 1992


An excellent collection of theoretical writing on sound design, genre, music etc. Available in paperback
Blake, Larry Film Sound Today: An Anthology of Articles from Recording Engineer/Producer Reveille Press, Hollywood: 1984


While focussed mostly on Lucas film and developments in Dolby film sound processing circa 1979-83 still a valuable source for info on theatrical presentation and the mixing of 70mm "Blockbuster" movies. Available in paperback
Brougham, Chris A Critical Inquiry into the Methodology of Film Sound Analysis SFU Masters Thesis

PN1995.7B76 1992

Focus on the film Dr. No, this is a very detailed analysis from both an ideological as well as phenomenological approach.
Cameron, Evan William, (editor) Sound and the Cinema, The Coming of Sound to American Film Redgrave Publishing, Pleasantvill NewYork:1980


An anthology of articles which consists largely of the edited proceedings of a symposium on the coming of sound to America from 1925-40. An excellent introduction to the topic with Cameron's own two articles and the revealing article by Bernard Herrmann highly recommended. SFU Library
Chion, Michel La Tile Troueé: La Parole au Cinéma Editions de L'Etoile, Paris: 1988


As a composer of musicque concrète Chion's writing is evocative and challenging in its analysis of the soundtrack and its meaning. In french. SFU Library
Chion, Michel, translated by Claudia Gorbman Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen Columbia Univ. Press, New York: 1994


Chion is a composer of electroacoustic music and a unique theoretical visionary in regards to film sound. Excellent translation by Claudia Gorbman. This is an english language summary of Chionís three previous texts. SFU Library
Fielding, Raymond A Technological History of Motion Pictures and Television University of California Press: 1967


For historical interest: Papers form the AES journal from the turn of the century until pre WWII Available in paperback
Frater, Charles B. Sound Recording for Motion Pictures Tantivy Press, London/A.S. Barnes & Co. New York:1979


Excellent introduction to location sound recording with precise definitions of Pilot tone, the workings of the major Nagra models and the transfer of 1/4" to mag film. Unfortunately out of print or hard to find
Geduld, Harry M. The Birth of the Talkies Indiana University Press, Bloomington Indiana: 1975


A detailed account of the development of synchronous sound in the United States. Extensive notes on the monopolies involved and the corporate power struggles that went on. Good source for information on the development of almost all the recording media. SFU Library
Gorbman, Claudia Unheard Melodies: narrative film music BFI Publishing, Indiana University Press: 1987


Excellent source on the theoretical writing around film scoring. Large annotated bibliography and analysis of three films with score excerpts. A must for anyone working in the area. Available in paperback
Hollyn, Norman The Film Editing Handbook, 2nd Edition Lone Eagle, Beverly Hills:1990


Complete description of the entire post production sound process (conventional mag film) from the editor/sound editor point of view. Very clear descriptions of all the tasks involved. A must for anyone interested in post production sound. Available in paperback
Huber, David Miles Audio Production Techniques for Video Sams, Idianapolis: 1987 Clearly written explanation of the topic. Area of MIDI/SMPTE sync has grown exponentially since the book was published so there are some topics which seem incomplete. Especially useful for explanation on workings of Video. Available in paperback Kerner, Marvin M The Art of the Sound Effects Editor Focal Press, Boston: 1989


Very simple overview with a few chunks of reasonably valuable information. Good for the beginner as an introduction. Available in paperback
LoBrutto, Vincent Sound-on-film: interviews with creators of film sound Praeger Publishers, Westport: 1994


Interviews/filmographies of many important sound designers including Walter Murch, Ben Burtt, etc. Available in paperback
Lustig, Milton Music Editing for Motion Pictures Hasting House, New York: 1980


Complete detail of what was required to do this job for a major studio before 1980. Useful organizational tips for any composer. Available in hard cover only
Ratcliff, John Timecode: A User's Guide 2nd edition Focal Press, London: 1996


Synchronization and time code reference work. Excellent, extremely detailed. Available in soft cover


Rona, Jeffrey Synchronization form Reel to Reel Hal Leonard, Milwaukee: 1990


Synchronization and time code basics for project studios with an emphasis on MIDI systems. Large format paperback with simple diagrams and chatty text. GOod introduction to the topic but not a reference work.
Rumsey, Francis The Audio Workstation Handbook Focal Press, Oxford: 1996 A detailed reference on formats, synchronization, compression, disc and memory management and storage for digital audio and DAWs. Weis, Elizabeth and Belton, John (editors) Film Sound: Theory and Practice Columbia Press, New York: 1985


One of the first and still the best anthologies on film sound and scoring. A must for anyone interested in the area. Available in paperback
Zaza, Tony Mechanics of Sound Recording Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1991


Excellent, comprehensive technical manual on recording and playback systems
Zaza, Tony Audio Design, Sound Recording Techniques for Film & Video Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1991


Rather exhaustive if somewhat quirky and opinionated look at sound design. Includes information on synesthesia, music scoring, an excellent reference section, sound for documentary, etc. Valuable resource.