Setting channel levels   


Record level 

Record each track at the highest level possible without distortion. This will give the best signal to noise ratio and minimize cumulative noise as the number of tracks increase. Remember, the overall noise level increases by 3 db for every doubling of the number of tracks.  The highest levels should be 0 to +6 db on peak reading meters or 0 VU on VU meters. Due to the mechanical damping effects of the VU meter percussive sounds should not peak more than about -8 to -6 VU. Use your ears and listen closely to evaluate any potential problems such as peak clipping. 
Warning!  Don't put the machine into record until you have set levels, because recording extremely high levels may result in destructive crosstalk affecting adjacent tracks. 
Be aware that subsequent equalization adjustments, particularly boosts, can significantly change the level of the signal with a potential for distortion. You may need to readjust channel levels after changing EQ.