Tape handling & storage   

Magnetic tape is prone to dust, oils, environmental magnetic fields, and mechanical damage.  For open reel tapes do not squeeze the flanges together as this may damage the outer portions of exposed pieces of tape causing drop-outs and high frequency loss on the outer tracks.  Hold these tapes with one hand by putting your fingers through the hole at the hub and your thumb on the flange edges; with two hands by supporting the flange edges with the fingers of both hands.  Except when threading the recorder avoid touching the tape with your fingers as this can lead to oil buildup on tape and transport which attracts dust. 
tail out: rewind fully then run forward onto a takeup reel to ensure a smooth packing of the tape and minimize print-through  For open reel tapes store in boxes to protect them from dust  vertically to avoid crushing and damage to tape edges  in a cool location  away from any sources of magnetic fields such as speakers, telephones, televisions/monitors, etc. 
Tape erasure
bulk erasure or recorder erase head.