The Ear

1. Helix 
2. Antihelix 
3. Tympanic membrane (eardrum) 
4. External auditory meatus 
5. Lobule 
6. Middle ear 
7. Round window 
8. Eustachian tube 
9. Stapes footplate covering oval window
10. Cochlear and vestibular nerves 
11. Cochlea 
12. Lateral semicircular canal 
13. Superior semicircular canal 
14. Rear semicircular canal 
15. Stapes 
16. Incus 
17. Malleus 
Outer Ear 

Pinnae (gather sound and create micro level delays useful in sound location) 
Ear Canal (transmits sound waves to the inner ear) 
Eardrum (transmits mechanical energy to middle ear) 

Middle Ear 

Ossicles (amplification & limiting) 

Inner Ear 

Cochlea (mechanical to electrical transduction) 
Basilar Membrane (frequency analysis) The basilar membrane responds to different frequencies with corresponding resonance points along its length.