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Antigone 2003

Antigone was my last theatrical collaboration with Marc Diamond. It was also the first time we worked on a song together. (I'm so Happy, Happy that I'm Dead). Directed by Penelope Stella, Antigone was a true multi-media project with video screens, song, dance, imaginative sets, lighting and as always, innovative and compelling theatre. I felt priviledged to be a part of it.

The music was created throughout the rehearsal/creation process. It was produced in a multitrack environment and is a mix of algorithmic composition, samplers, synthesizers, piano and guitar. Many of the cues have short or longwave radio broadcasts. The music was designed to convey the post-apocalyptic world of the script/production with evocations of sirens, helicopters and guns.



I'm so Happy (Happy that I'm Dead)
dance macabre
click on image to hear cue