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Stat 342 - Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis - SAS

At Simon Fraser University - Burnaby Campus September-December (Fall) 2016
SFU Website Syllabus
See Wk 1-1 notes for more details and some overriding information.

Usual Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3-4pm. In the statistics workshop.

Filled Lecture Notes

Week 1 , policies, schedule. How to install SAS. Introduction to other references. General introduction to SAS.

Week 2 , Data steps and proc steps. The compile phase and the execution phase. Proc print. Proc contents. Input and output.

Week 3 , What is SQL. Proc SQL. Select command. from, group by, order by, where clauses. Create table command.

Week 4 , SQL inner/left/right/outer merges, concatenations. Making new variables from old ones. Missing values. Scanned Examples

Week 5 , Random number generation. Special variables in data steps. Setting labels. Do loops and data step behaviour. Practice midterm questions,

Week 6, Midterm , and midterm key

Week 7 , Proc IML (SAS/IML) Defining Matrices, computations with matrices, and saving/loading with IML.

Week 8 , Continous data: proc means, proc univariate, proc sgplot, proc corr.

Week 9 , a brief introduction to ANOVA. Using proc glm for anova.

Week 10 , proc glm for simple regression, regression with interactions, polynomial terms, and categorical variables. Proc glmselect for model selection.

Week 11 missed due to illness.

Week 12 , Proc glm for mixed effects models. Proc logistic for logistic regression, and for ordinal and multinomial regression.

Week 13 , Proc kde for Kernel Density Estimation, proc sgplot for loess curves, proc glm for interaction plots, proc logistic for ROC (Receiver Operator Characteristic) curves. Course wrap-up.

Practice Final Exam and Practice Final Exam practice key
Final Exam

Lab Notes

Week 2 , Loading and Saving.

Week 3 , SQL.

Week 4 , manipulating datasets with the data step.

Week 7 , IML.

Week 8 , proc means and proc univariate.

Week 9 , proc ttest, anova, npar1way.

Week 10 , proc glm, sgplot, freq.

Week 11 , proc glm continued.

Week 12 , graphing.


Textbook: SAS and R - Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics. by Ken Kleinman and Nicholas J. Horton.
Databases Systems, Ch 7. Basic SQL

Additional References: