iOS Application: PhysioGuide

  • Collaborated with 3 other students, self-studied Swift in Xcode to analyze, design and develop an iOS application (both code and UI) that provides several appropriate exercise video and advised exercise routines to help with improving personal health and fitness
  • Used build-in mobile feature (Accelerometer and Gyroscope) to detect if user do the exercise properly
  • Project Website
  • Project Code Link

Die Assembly: Use touch-sensor to get standard die value pattern

Introduction to Electronics Laboratory Instruments Operation and Measurement Techniques, SFU

  • Learned to design and construct a schematic for a PCB through LTSpice
  • Developed skills in assembling by studying and applying surface-mount technology to solder Printed Wiring Board(PWB) on Hakko FX-888D soldering station
  • Successfully made 9 LEDs on PWB light and flash rapidly after putting the finger on touch-sensor, let LED flash rate slow down and settle on a random standard die value pattern

C++ Project: VHDL syntax checker

Software Design and Analysis for Engineers, SFU

  • Created an implementation for a basic parser (Tokenizer) to split VHDL file into a set of tokens, stored them in a tokenlist using abstract data type and performed simple processing on those tokens, such as deleting token, removing comment and categorizing tokens
  • Created test cases and applied on tokenlist to check for syntax error and type, defined a user-friendly interface (with verbose mode and non-verbose mode) to report checking result
  • Project Code Link