Individual Research of Cellphone Tracking System

Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres, SFU

  • Researched the advantages and disadvantages of tracking system
  • Studied working procedure of GPS to figure out how to protect individual privacy from tracking system

Building Model Car With Solar Panels

Engineering Technology and Society, SFU

  • Researched how to make solar panel more suitable, effective and efficient by using bio-coating in order to predict our concept car’s prospect
  • Installed solar panels onto model car (not only on the top of the car, but on the side) to simulate and analogize real car with our special solar panel system
  • Collected and calculated time of charging smartphones by using our solar panel to estimate real solar conversion rate on electric/ hybrid car

Integrated Circuit Analyze and Design

  • Designed and built various MOS and BJT amplifier circuits to determine the experimental parameters and compare it with the theoretical values
  • Plot characteristic graphs of diodes, BJTs and MOSFETs through SPA to analyze the attributes of each simulated circuits with LTSpice to analyze the certainty and behavior of the designed circuits