Graphical UART Performance Monitor and VGA Console

VGA & Timer Controller
Petalinux Project

Figure: System Overview

TThe goal of this project will be to create your own VGA and UART drivers that will be used to create a graphical performance monitor for the UART driver that will run on an embedded Linux system (PetaLinux) [1]. Through working on this project you will be exposed to elements of real-time programming and learn to interface with the hardware system through writing low-level kernel device drivers.
  • Created a software rendering framework for drawing an image on the screen with alpha blending and clipping required image content
  • Developed and integrated VGA and timer driver in Linux environment through PetaLinux and cross-complied it on ZedBoard to establish connection between keyboard and screen display as a graphical performance monitor with the functionality of alphabetical interpretation on keyboard through VGA driver and displaying performance metrics about the operation of the UART on the screen
  • Improved efficiency and coherency with the design specification by reducing times of printing metrics, transporting intermediate data into local buffer instead of global buffer
  • Supported several special functions such as changing new lines both manually and automatically, deleting characters using backspace and implemented special cases when the new line is needed or the screen is filled up