A Device to Remotely Control Environmental Conditions and Record Real-Time Behavior of Live Cell

Figure: Block Design

This is a capstone project with four enthusiastic students from SFU.
The team members are:
  • Arlene Fu, Computer Engineering
  • Jo Duan, Computer Engineering
  • Zoe Yan, Computer Engineering
  • Ricky Chen, Electric Engineering
RemoteOB is designed to serve the purpose of observing and recording the real-time behavior of cells under a microscope while maintaining the required environmental conditions.
This product is composed of an environmental control unit, an onstage chamber, and an imaging system.
This document provides a high-level overview of RemoteOB made by Harvestar, dividing into three main sections:
  • List of requirement specifications regarding general, physical and operational, hardware and software requirements assigning to different stages: proof of concept, prototype, and final product.
  • Engineering Standards abided
  • sustainability and safety concerns

The following is the poster for our Proof-of-concept

The Other documents will be available after Aug, 2018