binDCT: Fast Approximation of the DCT with the Lifting Scheme

Software: Download related Matlab and C files.

Two families of lifting-based fast approximation of the DCT have been developed. The transform can be implemented with only shift and addition operations, and lossless compression is enabled.

1. General Structures

Fig. 1. General structure of the binDCT family based on Chen-Wang's factorization of the DCT.

Fig. 2. General structure of the binDCT family based on Loeffler's factorization of the DCT.

Examples of Frequency Response

Fig. 3. (a) Frequency response of binDCT-C4 with 19 shifts and 37 additions (see the paper for detailed configurations); (b) The corresponding 4-point binDCT.

For more information, please check the paper:

J. Liang and T. D. Tran, "Fast multiplierless approximation of the DCT with the lifting scheme," IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing, Vol. 49, No. 12, pp. 3032-3044, Dec. 2001.
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