Khaled Diab

I am a University Research Associate at SFU, working with working with Prof. Mohamed Hefeeda at the Network Systems Lab (NSL). I have received my PhD from SFU in 2019. My research interests are in computer networking. Specifically, I work on multimedia networking, distribution networks, and cloud computing. My recent research focuses on building efficient networking protocols, e.g., multicast, in data center and ISP networks. Before joining SFU, I worked as a Research Assistant at Qatar Computing Research Institute in the Distributed Systems group. I worked as a Software Development Engineer at Mentor Graphics Egypt. I got my BSc degree in Computer Engineering from Cairo University, my BSc graduation thesis is data mining on GPUs.

Research Interests

  1. - Multimedia networking

  2. - Datacenter networking

  3. - Cloud computing

  4. - Distributed systems

Research Projects

MASH: Rate adaptation for Multiview video streaming over HTTP

MASH MASH is a novel rate adaptation algorithm for multiview videos. Streaming multiview videos is more user centric than single-view videos, because it heavily depends on how users interact with the different views. To efficiently support this interactivity, MASH constructs probabilistic view switching models that capture the switching behavior of the user in the current session, as well as the aggregate switching behavior across all previous sessions of the same video. MASH then utilizes these models to dynamically assign relative importance to different views. Furthermore, MASH uses a new buffer-based approach to request video segments of various views at different qualities, such that the quality of the streamed videos is maximized while the network bandwidth is not wasted.

Anahita: 3D Streaming System

The goal is to build an efficient 3D streaming system, while preserving a good 3D experience on most of the 3D displays (TVs, tablets, mobile phones etc...). Anahita manages server side efficiently by optimize the storage usage and processing resources.

gCloud: GPU-enabled Cloud System

To design and implement a scalable framework to provide GPUs as on-demand computing resources to cloud users. gCloud allows on-demand access to local and remote GPUs to cloud users only when the target GPU kernel is ready for execution. In order to improve the utilization of GPUs, the framework efficiently shares the GPU resources between concurrent applications from different cloud users. Moreover, gCloud reduces the inter-application interference of concurrent kernels for GPU resources by considering the local and global memory, number of threads, and the number of thread blocks requirements of each kernel. It schedules concurrent kernels on available GPUs such that the overall inter-application interference is minimal.


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  5. Kiana Calagari, Krzysztof Templin, Tarek Elgamal, Khaled Diab, Piotr Didyk, Wojciech Matusik, Mohamed Hefeeda. Anahita: A System for 3D Video Streaming with Depth Customization. ACM Multimedia 2014: 337-346 (Acceptance rate=19%).

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  1. - Systems and Network Security, Spring 2020

  2. - Multimedia Systems, Fall 2019

Contact Me

Email: kdiab [AT] sfu [DOT] ca

Address: 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6

Last Update: April, 2019