Joern Altmann
Simon Fraser University
School of Engineering Science

University of California, Berkeley


Friday, June 25, 1999 at 10:30 a.m. in Room ASB 9705


The INternet Demand EXperiment project, INDEX, is a market trial for quality-differentiated Internet services. INDEX provides Internet access over ISDN lines to a group of users from the Berkeley campus community. Users select network services from a menu of QoS-price offerings and pay for their usage.

The long-term objectives are to identify the key parameters for user perception of service quality, quantify the correlation between application type and service demand, and measure the economic value that individual users place on distinct activities and network resource levels.

An overview of the technology, the experimental setup and design of INDEX is given in this talk. The talk also describes today's ISP, their access network, and their service plans currently offered. We show that the Internet's competitive environment requires a more rational pricing of telecommunication services than the one currently existing. All of our arguments will be illustrated by analysis results of INDEX data.

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