Yong Lian
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society joint Chapter of the Vancouver/Victoria Sections
IEEE Solid State Circuits Society Chapter of the Vancouver Section

Speaker: Dr. Yong Lian
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National University of Singapore
E-mail: eleliany@nus.edu.sg

Title: Towards Self-Powered Wireless Biomedical Devices

(Presentation is available in pdf format.)

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Location: Room 2020, Kaiser Building (2332 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC)


Recent advances in CMOS technology and wireless communication have enabled innovative applications in healthcare domain. Wireless health is one of new applications of wireless technologies. It facilitates personalized and preventive health care and promotes healthier lifestyles. The wireless health market is estimated to grow from current $304 million to $4.4 billion in 2013. To support the preventive and personalized healthcare, it is necessary to develop an infrastructure to link each individual to healthcare providers. Body Sensor Network (BSN) combined with wearable/ingestible/injectable/implantable biomedical devices is envisaged to create next era of healthcare system. Such systems allow continuous or intermittent monitoring of physiological signals and are critical for the advancement of both the diagnosis as well as treatment. With the advances of nanotechnologies and integrated circuits, it is possible to build system-on-chip solutions for self-powered implantable or wearable wireless biomedical sensors. Such wireless biomedical sensors will benefit millions of patients needing constant monitoring of critical physiological signals anytime anywhere and help to improve the life quality. This talk will cover several topics related to the wireless biomedical sensors, especially on the development of self-powered wireless biomedical sensors and associated low power techniques. The design of sub-mW wireless EEG sensor will be discussed to illustrate the considerations in building self-powered wireless biomedical devices.


Yong Lian received the B.Sc degree from the College of Economics & Management of Shanghai JiaoTong University in 1984, and the Ph.D degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering of National University of Singapore in 1994. He worked in industry for 10 years and joined NUS in 1996. Currently he is a Professor and Area Director of Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests include biomedical circuits and systems and signal processing. He published over 150 papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Lian is the recipient of the 1996 IEEE CAS Society's Guillemin-Cauer Award for the best paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, the 2008 Multimedia Communications Best Paper Award from the IEEE Communications Society for the paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, winner of the 47th DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest (as a Ph.D Advisor), the Best Student Paper Award in the ICME'07 (as a M.Eng Advisor), and many other awards. Dr. Lian is the Founder of ClearBridge VitalSigns Pte Ltd, a start-up for wireless wearable biomedical devices.

Dr. Lian has involved in various IEEE activities. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II (TCAS-II), Steering Committee Member of the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (TBioCAS), the Chair of DSP Technical Committee of the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Soeciety, and Member of the IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology Committee. He served as Associate Editors for IEEE TCAS-I, TCAS-II, TBioCAS, and journal of Circuits Systems Signal Processing (CSSP) in the past 10 years, and is/was the Guest Editors for 7 Special Issues in TCAS-I, TBioCAS, and CSSP. He was the Vice President for Asia Pacific Region of the IEEE CAS Society from 2007 to 2008, AdComm Member of the IEEE Biometrics Council (2008 ? 2009), CAS Society Representative to the BioTechnology Council (2007 ? 2009); Chair of the BioCAS Technical Committee of the IEEE CAS Society (2007 ? 2009), Member of the Prize Paper Award Subcommittee of the IEEE CAS Society (2007 and 2009), Member of the Chapter of the Year Award Subcommittee of the IEEE CAS Society (2007), Member of the Regional Activities and Membership Development Division of the IEEE CAS Society (2007), the Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE CAS Society (2004 ? 2005), Member of Chapter and Regional Activity Committee of the IEEE Education Society. Dr. Lian is the Founder of several international conferences including International Conference on Green Circuits and Systems (ICGCS), Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PrimeAsia), and IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS). Dr. Lian is a Fellow of IEEE.

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