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Introduction: cellular networks

Introduction: wireless networks

Introduction: wireless networks

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Cellular Digital Packet Data network

CDPD system characteristics

Simple CDPD topology

Real CDPD topology and entities

CDPD communication architecture

CDPD support services

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CDPD network

CDPD billing records

CDPD billing records

TMS Header row

TMS Registration row

TMS Deregistration row

TMS IP data row

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Data extraction tools

Network elements

Breakdown of events by type

Active users over time: weekly cycles

Active users over time: daily cycles

Growth in users per day: linear

Data packets over time: weekly cycles

Data octets over time: weekly cycles

Discarded packets over time

Snapshot of traffic characteristics/time

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Total events per user

Registration events per user

Deregistration events per user

Data events per user

Discarded packets per user

Cell visited per user: mobility

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Classification of users

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Total events per cell

Breakdown of events per cell

Number of users per cell

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Classification of cells

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Related work

Related work (cont.)


Conclusions (cont.)

Future work

Selected references

Selected references (cont.)

Special credits

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Author: Luc A. Andriantiatsaholiniaina


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