Implementation of IPv6 ToS over ATM Network


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Table of Contents

Implementation of IPv6 ToS over ATM Network

Road map

Internet Protocol version 6

IPv6 vs. IPv4

IPv6 header format

IPv6 Type of Service

IPv6 ToS vs. ATM service categories

Project goals

OPNET ATM node model modifications

IPv6-over-ATM overview

IPv6-over-ATM source

IPv6-over-ATM source attributes

IPv6-over-ATM switch

IPv6-over-ATM switch attributes

IPv6-over-ATM destination

IPv6-over-ATM network configuration

Simulation statistics

Simulation scenario

Simulation results

Conclusions: challenges

Conclusions: alternative approach

Conclusions: future work



Author: Ricky Ng, Danny Yip, and Ljiljana Trajkovic