Our power grids create an excess display of light and significance. Skylines are always more dramatic at night, for the simple fact of being ablaze. Our cultural origins owe a debt to light, via the "invention" of fire, and this debt is continually repaid by artists who find light itself to be an inexhaustible raw material. Light always holds a fascination- there is always the proverbial moth in us drawn to and mesmerized by it's radiance, and nothing brings out the radiance of light like the night. These images are an homage to visibility and illumination, to that clearing in the night which is our own peculiar, creative stance in the world.


Design Shanghai 2013

InLight Richmond Festival 2008 Richmond, VA. All-night festival of lights, modeled on Paris' Nuit Blanche (total attendance approx. 6000)

Publications: iBook Monograph, Aesthetics of the City, Zahir Anthology, Monkey Puzzle, Spectrum