Dissertation Material:

Source Code:
RealAct Source Code

RealAct System Documentation:
RealAct Architecture
Stateflow Subcharts
Gaze Controller
Pose/Gesture Controller
Facial Exprssion Controller
Emotional Triggers
Emotion Generation
Behaviour Scheduler
Attention Controller
RPS Scenario
Reactive Gaze- Following User
Reactive Gesture- Waving
Reactive Gesture- Personal Space Control
DataGlove Controller

Experiments Measurements:
TIPI Scale
Presence Questionnaire
Social Status Scale

Experiments Statistics:
Statistical Details

Experiments Results:
See the Result Plots

Videos/Images of 3D Virtual Character Used for Online Experiments:
See the images used for evaluating impression of emotions
See the videos used for evaluating impression of personality

Example Video Records of Real-Time Hands-on Experiment:
See the videos