Subject, topic, and focus of attention in spoken language


For this project, we analyzed spoken language data (in Spanish and English) according to a theory of focus in discourse, Centering Theory. The aim of this research was to establish rules in the selection of pronouns in discourse (i.e., why a full noun phrase might be chosen over a pronoun to refer to a particular entity).


SSHRC Standard Research Grant, SFU SSHRC Institutional Grant, SFU Discovery Parks Grant, SFU President's Research Grant.


Loreley Hadic Zabala (Ph.D. student), Mayo Kudo (M.A. student).




  • Taboada, M. and L. Wiesemann (2011) The SFU Centering Corpus. A TEI-compliant version of the Centering corpus that we have used for the publications below (especially Taboada and Hadic Zabala, 2008). The corpus is in XML, and contains annotations of 10 conversations (5 English, 5 Spanish, from CallHome), according to different instatiations of Centering Theory. XML conversion by Dennis Sharkey.


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