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The color of money

Money comes in three basic colors: GREEN, GOLD and RED. Green money comes from patient, equity-oriented investors including private, institutional and even public investors. It is green because it allows companies to grow and prosper without being impeded by repayment obligations. Gold money is as good as gold. It comes from government and quasi-government organizations that are part of the infra-structure support system paid for by our tax dollars. Usually this money is in the form of grants, interest-free loans, and other forms of assistance. Red money comes from debt-oriented lenders. This includes banks, factoring houses, leasing companies, and other lenders. It is red because this is the color lenders see when the debt is not serviced -- and because you should see this as a red warning light!

The following table identifies various money sources (with a Western Canadian focus) and their respective Internet web links. Links to information sites other than the Green, Gold and Red ones are at the end.

MONEY LINKS for BC technology companies








 Green money

 Green is for growth

 Banyan Capital Partners


 Invests in well-managed, successful middle-market companies in various industries, that are located mainly in western Canada and northwestern US.


 BMO Capital Corporation

 Provides subordinated debt, mezzanine finance and quasi-equity to farm businesses, mid-sized companies and specialty businesses.

 BC Advantage Funds (VCC)


 Invests in emerging BC-based life sciences and technology companies that are developing proprietary products or services.


 BC Angel Forum


 Introduces technology and non-technology companies seeking equity financing ($100,000 to $1 million) to private equity investors.


 BC Discovery Fund (VCC) Inc.


 Invests in early stage BC technology ventures; specializes in information technology, communications, health and life sciences, and energy and envirnomental technologies.

 Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


 Provides Canadian small businesses with financial services, consulting services, subordinate financing and venture capital.  

 Chrysalix Energy Limited Partnership

 Provides financing and other services to early stage companies involved in fuel cell, hydrogen, clean coal, energy storage and other clean energy technologies. 

 CNQ Stock Exchange

 An exchange for trading the equity securities of emerging companies.

 Discovery Capital Corporation

 A venture capital investor and fund manager specializing in information technology, communications, health and life sciences, and other advanced technologies.

 ESOP Tax Credit -- BC Ministry of Economic Development, Employee Share Ownership Program

 (In Search box, type “Investment Capital”; click on "Investment Capital Programs," then click on “Employee Share Ownership.")

 Provides employees with a 20% tax credit for making investments in their employers' businesses. 

 Greenstone Venture Partners

 Provides venture capital funding and management support to early-stage technology companies located in Canada and Western USA, and involved in communications infrastructure, semiconductors, wireless and enterprise software.

 GrowthWorks Canadian Fund

 A venture capital management company; investment focus is information technology, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

 Interface International  

 A private venture capital and management partnership offering services that focus on raising capital, identifying strategic alliances, recommending mergers and acquisitions, and orchestrating makeovers and turn arounds. 

 MDS Capital Corporation

 A venture capital management firm that provides financial support and other services to emerging health and life science companies.

 OVP Venture Partners

 Invests capital in new companies in growing markets – enterprise software, communications and network systems, digital biology, specialized electronic systems and business services.

 Pacific Century Group Ventures Ltd.

 Invests in start-up companies; focus is oil and gas, information and other technologies.

 Pangaea Ventures Ltd.

 Invests in early-stage advanced material, nanotechnology, energy technology and environmental technology companies.

 PenderFund Capital Management Ltd.

 Growth Fund: invests in the information technology and communication sectors. Life Sciences Fund: an investment vehicle with tax incentives that invests in pharmaceutical companies with drugs ready for clinical trials.

 Primaxis Technology Ventures Inc.

 Invests in early stage Canadian companies in the following sectors: communications, semiconductors, electronics, IT infrastructure, and advanced materials and manufacturing.

 RBC Technology Ventures Inc.  

 Invests in biotechnology, engineering and physical sciences, agricultural science, information technology and financial services technology.

 Roynat Capital  

 Provides long-term capital and business solutions to high-growth mid-market companies (sales between $5 million and $200 million).

 TELUS New Ventures BC Competition

 A competition for anyone with a new technology idea, who wants to turn the idea into a profitable company; first prize is worth $60,000.

 TELUS Ventures  

 Invests in emerging businesses and technologies, especially those involved in voice, data, IP and wireless.

 TSX Group (TSX Venture Exchange)  

 Provides emerging companies with access to capital; interests include mining, oil and gas, life sciences, communication, manufacturing, technology, and financial services.

 University Medical Discoveries Inc. (UMDI)

 Provides seed funding to help develop and commercialize research done by entrepreneurs at Canadian universities, hospitals and research institutes.

 Vancouver Angel Technology   Network (VANTEC)


 Introduces early stage investors and mentors to promising technology (in all fields) ventures, mainly in British Columbia.

 Ventures West

 Invests in four sectors: biotechnology, communications, cleantech, and information technology.

 Working Opportunity Fund


 A venture capital fund British Columbians can invest in; invests in BC companies involved in information technology, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

 WUTIF Capital (VCC) Inc.

 Co-invests with angel investors in new technology companies, such as those based on technologies developed at BC universities and institutions; interests include communications and information technology, health and life sciences technologies, physical sciences, energy and fuel cells.

 XITO Capital Corporation

 A venture capital firm that provides specialized investment banking services to leading private and public small capitalization companies.

 Yaletown Venture Partners  

 Invests time and money in seed and early-stage technology companies; focus is Western Canada’s energy technology and information technology clusters.





(Golden money)

(As good as gold!)

 BC Innovation Council 


Provides a one-stop point of access and support to high technology companies, educational institutions, technology industry awareness groups, federal science and technology agencies and university research labs.

 BC Knowledge Development Fund

Enables public post-secondary institutions, teaching hospitals and affiliated non-profit research agencies to invest in BC’s research infrastructure; priorities are agriculture, alternative energy/power technologies, health/biotechnology, forestry, high tech, indigenous studies and ocean sciences.

 Canada Foundation for Innovation

 Funds Canadian research infrastructure (state-of-the-art equipment, buildings, laboratories, and databases); focus is Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research    


Supports the work of health sciences researchers and trainees in universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes across



Mission is to accelerate Canada’s advanced Internet development and use; supports the development of new Internet applications and technologies.

 Export support programs

 Canadian Commercial Corporation

 Export Development Canada

CCC: gives Canadian businesses access to international opportunities

EDC: provides financing, insurance and bonding solutions to Canadian companies that export goods and services, or invest in other countries.

 Human Resources and Social Development Canada  

 Various financial assistance programs for employers seeking to recruit and/or train employees.

 Industry Canada (Strategis)

Industry Canada web site; provides valuable information on trade, investment, sectors, economic analysis statistics, research technologies, innovations, legislation and other topics relevant to businesses, as well as guides to starting a business, exporting, researching markets and other activities. 

 National Research Council’s IRAP Program (BC & Yukon)

 Helps small and medium-sized Canadian firms build their capacity in technology and innovation; offers access to technical assistance, the latest technological advances, expertise, facilities and resources, as well as cost-shared financing of innovative technical projects.

 Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

 Helps Canadian companies by jointly funding collaborative R&D projects with university scientists and engineers.

 Precarn Incorporated

 Supports the pre-commercial development of leading-edge technologies.

 Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR & ED) Tax Incentive Program

A federal tax incentive program to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada that will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes.

 Western Economic Diversification

 Helps small businesses and new entrepreneurs acquire the skills and resources they need to succeed; focuses on improved business productivity, trade and investment, industry collaboration and access to capital.





 (Red Money)

 (Red helps – in moderation!)

 Customers & suppliers


These are among the best and easiest financing options. Getting supplier credit and up-front advances from customers can go a long way in addressing cash flow needs. Don’t be shy. Ask!

 Bank of Montreal

 Offers investment and corporate banking, advisory services, treasury and market risk management, institutional investing and research

 Bond Capital

 Provides mezzanine debt and equity to small and medium-sized  enterprises in Western Canada and the USA.

 Business Development Bank

 Provides small and medium-sized businesses with flexible financing, affordable consulting services and venture capital.

 Canadian Youth Business Foundation

 Offers start-up mentoring, financing, and business resources to young entrepreneurs (18 to 34 years old).

 Chittenden Commercial Credit

 Provides lending solutions that allow companies to grow their businesses and expand their opportunities.


 Offers a suite of small business financial products, including assistance with business plans.

 Export Development Canada

 Provides Canadian exporters with financing, insurance and bonding services, as well as foreign market expertise.

 The Interface Financial Group

 Provides working capital for small and medium businesses through a version of factoring known as "invoice discounting."

 North Point Capital Corp.

 Offers equity, convertible debt and subordinated corporate debt to established mid-market companies.

 Northstar Trade Finance Inc.

 Supports Canadian exporters by offering financing to credit-worthy buyers of eligible Canadian goods and services.

 Pyx Financial Group Inc.

 Provides small companies with the cash and help needed to solve their business problems and capitalize on their opportunities.

 Royal Bank of Canada

 Offers a variety of financing options to Canadian businesses, including federal government guaranteed loans.

 Roynat Capital

 Specializes in long-term capital and business solutions for high-growth firms with sales between $5 million and $200 million.

 TD Bank Financial Group

 Offers a full range of financial products and services.

 Vancity Capital

 Provides growth capital to fast-growing small- to medium-sized businesses based in BC.

 Western Economic Diversification  Canada

 Supports a network of organizations that offer business information or small loans, or assist with access to small-business financing.

 Women’s Enterprise Centre

 Offers women entrepreneurs skills development, lending services, business guidance, business resources, networking opportunities and events.








 A good source of information on Alberta industries, special events, advice on how to build a business, new ideas, etc.

 BC Medical Technology Industry Association (BC MedTech)

 Promotes development of the medical device industry; informs members and the medical community about regulatory and other industry issues; facilitates the exchange of scientific, technological and business information within the industry.

 BC Ministry of Economic Development

 Offers various guides related to starting a small business, plus reports, industry reviews, web links, news, etc.

 Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA)

 Represents most of Canada's venture capital companies; members provide venture capital and private equity investment.

 Canadian Financing Forum

 Matches North American corporate and VC investors with serious entrepreneurs looking to build world-class technology companies.

 Community of Science (COS)

 Provides information critical to scientific research and other projects across all disciplines – re funding sources, research, researchers, potential collaborators; universities, corporations, non-profits.

 eBusiness Connection

 Offers e-business information and services to help BC  businesses remain competitive in our changing information economy.

 High Tech in BC

 A gateway to all high technology resources, web sites, companies and organizations in BC (mainly!).

 Industry Canada

 A source of business support services, financing information, advice, small business tax information, etc.

 National Angel Organization  The Canadian voice of angel investors dedicated to promoting best practices and advocacy for angel investors.

 National Venture Capital Association (US)

 A trade association that represents the US venture capital industry; also of some interest to Canadians. 

 Simon Fraser University, University/Industry Liaison Office

 Connects companies with SFU technologies and resources; facilitates university-industry R&D partnerships and the commercialization of SFU-based research results.

 Small Business BC

 Connects small companies to BC business resources and websites

 Stock exchanges



 OTC Bulletin Board –

 Stock exchanges allow the public to invest in companies; listing rules and criteria vary; best to find a “sponsoring” broker or underwriter.

 Telus New Ventures BC Competition

 A BC competition for anyone with a business idea involving a technology product or service; involves networking, seminars, meeting experts, etc. and developing a business plan; first prize worth $60,000.

 Thomson Financial

 An information source on Canadian venture capital and private equity markets.

 T-Net Capital Connector     


 Click on “Financing”; connects technology entrepreneurs and companies to qualified investors.

 University of BC, University-Industry Liaison Office

 Facilitates the commercialization of UBC research and formation of university/ industry R&D partnerships; connects companies to UBC innovations.

 Vancouver Enterprise Forum 

 Connects you to money sources, networking opportunities, industry associations, business resources, technology transfer opportunities, S&T links, government resources, etc.




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