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Payam Ahmadvand Master Student Senior supervisor: Prof. Ghassan Hamarneh Medical Image Analysis Lab (MIAL), School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. Email : payam_ahmadvand at LinkedIn

Summery :

I am a second year masters candidate specialized in computer vision and medical image analysis. I am currently working as data analysis intern in BC Cancer Agency

Education :

M.Sc. in Computer Science Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada Thesis title: Global PET Segmentation for Tumor Activity Quantication: A Hybrid Machine Learn- ing and Active Surface Formulation. Courses: Modern Methods in Applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Algorithm Design B.Sc. in Software Engineering Shahid Rajaee University, Tehran, Iran GPA 18.09 / 20 Thesis title: “Processing Immunocytochemical Images and Segmenting Adherent Cells Using a Genetic Algorithm”. Score (20/20) Courses: Data Structures, Database Design, Web Programming, Object Oriented Design, Statistics

Work Experience :

Data Analysis -  Scientific Programmer (intership) September 2016 - Present. BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC,Canada. Technical Environment: Python, R, Bash scripting. Involving development of statistical models and machine learning algorithms to interpret next generation sequence data. Applying deep learning on cancer genome sequencing data to find correlation with clinical decision. Managing data analysis of projects related to cancer genome sequencing analysis. Research Assistant (January 2015 - September 2016) Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC,Canada. Technical Environment: Matlab, Python, R. Implemented a new fully automatic approach to lesion delineation in PET images that uses machine learning and does not require user interaction when segmenting novel images. I was part of the Quantitative Imaging Network project (in the USA) for the evaluation of responses to cancer therapies. Junior Software Developer  2013 - 2014. System Group Co., Iran, Tehran. Technical Environment: Delphi, MS-SQLServer, Microsoft visual studio 2012. Programmed and designed stocks investing, government property, payment and asset management system (one of the biggest governmental project in Iran). Implementing the systems in multiplier architecture architecture using object oriented programming and Microsoft SQL. Supporting customers and resolving the issues remotely via remote call tools. Junior Software Developer  2012 - 2013. Informatics Services Corporation Technical Environment: Java, IntelliJ IDEA, J2EE framework. Developed core banking system based on J2EE framework, Web logic server, RMI technology, Java Servlet, and Microsoft SQL. Designing web interface using Javascript, CSS, and Ajax.

Patent :

“Traffic management with mobile Bluetooth and PIR sensor”, Iran Industrial Property Office, Patent number: 63531,Application number: 388110128, Date: February 20, 2010. “Quantication of antibody binding in ICC images”, Iran Industrial Property Office, Application number: 13915014000307791, Date: December 19, 2012. Developed and designed a fully automatic method for quantication of the antibody binding in Im- munoCytoChemical images which is useful for cancer treatment.


Iranian Instrument Tuner Deigned a user-friendly application for android platform using Java to tune Iranian instruments. The software has been released in Bazar (the Iranian android store) and Google Play, and has been downloaded by thousands of users. Safe Removable Disk Iran High Council of Informatics, Identification number: 203272, Date:  January 10, 2009. Implemented a software to protect USB flash drive from virus and trojans that automatically run on windows. The software was released and downloaded by thousands of users.

Awards :

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Award - People's Choice Award, SFU, Spring 2017. Recipient of Graduate Fellowship at SFU, Fall 2015. Ebco Eppich Scholarship Competition - Pacific Metals, Fall 2016 The Second Ranked student in B.Sc., Shahid Rajaee University, Tehran, Iran, 2012. The 16th Young Khwarizmi National Award, December 2014. IranMobiCode, Amirkabir University of Technology, December 2014. 2nd PNU OPEN 20011, 2D Soccer Robots, Simulation league, Mazandaran, Iran, Dec 2011. The 10th Khwarizmi National Student Award, 2008. National Student programming tournament, Hamedan,Iran, 2005.

Publication :

P Ahmadvand, N Duggan, F Bénard, G Hamarneh, Global PET Segmentation for Tumor Activity Quantification: A Hybrid Machine Learning and Active Surface Formulation, MICCAI MLIM, Athens, Greece, 2016. RR Beichel, BJ Smith, C Bauer, EJ Ulrich, P Ahmadvand, et al. Multi-site Quality and Variability Analysis of 3D FDG PET Segmentations based on Phantom and Clinical Image Data, Medical Physics Jurnal, 2016. P Ahmadvand, H Ma, J Tanguay, A Celler, F Benard, and G Hamarneh, A Level-Set based Segmentation of tumour lesions in PET images, In Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN) Annual Meeting, USA, April 2016. P Ahmadvand, R Ebrahimpour, P Ahmadvand, How Popular CNNs Perform in Real Applications of Face Recognition, 24th Telecommunications forum TELFOR,Belgrade, Serbia, November 2016. P Ahmadvand, P Ahmadvand, Recovering intrinsic images: An evolutionary technique for entropy minimization, 9th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing (MVIP), Tehran, Iran, November 2015.  M Ramin, P Ahmadvand, A Sepas-Moghaddam, MM Dehshibi, Counting the Number of Cells in Immunocytochemical Images Using Genetic Algorithm, 12th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Pune, India, December 2012. P Ahmadvand, M Ramin, A Sepas-Moghaddam, Expression of antigens in immunocytochemical images utilizing an image analysis method, 16th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON), Tunisia, March 2012. M Zali, P Ahmadvand, P Ahmadvand, Reducing the time complexity of face recognition by selecting DCT coefficients, The 8th Machine Vision and Image Processing, Tehran, Iran. M Ramin, P Ahmadvand, HR Shayegh, M Alavi, Segregation Adherent Cells using A Genetic Algorithm and Thresholding Segmentation Method in Immunocytochemical Images, 20th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran 2012. P Ahmadvand, M Ramin, M Zali, HR Shayegh, Calculating the amount of antibody produced in cancer cells in ImmunoCytoChemical images by processing the images, The 7th Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference, Tehran, Iran 2011. N Mohammadi, P Ahmadvand, M Yasari, et al. Robocup 2011-Soccer Simulation 3D Soccer Simulation Kaveh, Proceedings of Robocup 2011, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011.

Project :

Deep Neural Network Image Ranking Designed an automatic classication process to rank Immunocytochemistry images based on adherence of antibodies to the nucleus. 3D Soccer Simulation Designed and implemented code using C++ as part of a team for 3D soccer simulation league. Our team was accepted to participate in Robocup 2011 in Istanbul. Traffic management with mobile Bluetooth and PIR sensor,Young Researchers Club, Islamic Azad University.