Indigenous Peoples & International Law


Criminology 429/ Indigenous Studies 429


Spring 2024

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Topic/Readings to Prepare

9 January

* Course Syllabus 

* UN Regional Map

16 January

Origins and Principles of Natural Law

* Two key Papal Bulls: Romanus Pontifex (1455) and the Inter Caetera (1493)

* Video: Orel Lyons on the Doctrine of Discovery

* Video: Out of the Ether

* The Spanish Requerimiento (1513)
* Bartolome de Las Casas:
Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies (1542)

* Edward John: Study on the Impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery (2014)

* CBC: Pope Francis Faces Calls to Renounce the Doctrine of Discovery

* CBC: Vatican’s Doctrine of Discovery Rejection Marks Step Forward

* PowerPoint slides for 16 January

23 January

* Reading guide for this week’s readings

* Francisco de Vitoria: On the Indians Lately Discovered (1532). [de Vitoria's De Indis et De Ivre Belli Relectiones]

* Emmerich de Vattel: The Law of Nations, or the Principles of Natural Law (1758)

* Book 1, Chapter 01: Of Nations or Sovereign States

* Book 1, Chapter 07: Of the Cultivation of the Soil

* Book 1, Chapter 16: Of the Protection Sought by a Nation, and its Voluntary Submission to a Foreign Power

* Book 1, Chapter 18: Of the Establishment of a Nation in a Country

* PowerPoint slides for 23 January

30 January

* Reading guide for this week’s readings

* Video: Nation to Nation: Honouring the Royal Proclamation

* The Royal Proclamation (1763)

* Video: Murray Sinclair on the Royal Proclamation

* John Borrows: Wampum at Niagara: The Royal Proclamation, Canadian Legal History, and Self-Government (1997)

* The Marshall Decisions:

* Johnson v M'Intosh (1823)

* PowerPoint slides for 30 January

06 February

* The Marshall Decisions cont’d

* Cherokee Nation v State of Georgia (1831)

* Worcester v Georgia (1832) 

* Video: The Trail of Tears: They Knew it Was Wrong

* PowerPoint slides for 6 February

13 February

Origins and Principles of Positivist Law

* Island of Palmas (United States v Netherlands) (1928)

* International Institutions of the day (League of Nations):

* The Redman’s Appeal to Justice (1923)

* Chief Deskaheh tells why he is over here again (1923)

* PowerPoint slides for 13 February

20 February

* No class: Reading break

27 February

* Early De-Colonization Initiatives

* ILO Convention #107 (1957)

* ILO Convention #169 (1989)

* UN Resolutions 1514 and 1541

* Schabus (2018). Going International to Decolonize

* The UN and the Contemporary Rights era

* United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

* Video: Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations

* PowerPoint slides for 27 February

05 March

Origins and Principles of Rights-Based Law

* Erica-Irene Daes (2008): Indigenous self-determination and the United Nations

* Sharon Venne (2011): The Road to the UN and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

* Brett Forester (2024): Canada Led Efforts to Weaken Original UN Indigenous Rights Declaration

* Government of Canada: Bill C-15

* UN Special Rapporteur José Francisco Calí Tzay Visits Canada

* PowerPoint slides for 05 March

* MidTerm take home assignment will be handed out on this day

12 March

* Presentations on Africa by Kass, Kelsey, Paige, Akriti and Alayna

* MidTerm take home assignment due on this day for all but Africa presenters

19 March

* Presentations on Asia by Chahat, Dar, Rafi, Gurman and Thuta

* Report of the Special Rapporteur on visits to Asia in 2013

26 March

* Presentations on North America by Maria, Rachel, Brenna, Aaron and Laurin

* Report of the Special Rapporteur’s visit to Canada in 2023

02 April

* Presentations on South America by Heather, Ashley, Stella and Michael

09 April

* Presentations on Europe by Jacob, Dana, Jasmine and Tiara

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