Chris D Shaw, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Director       Email:    shaw at

School of Interactive Arts and Technology

(Formerly at GVU Center + Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology , Georgia Tech)


Current Courses:

Research Lab

Research: Visual Analytics

CZSaw Visual Analytics System
RAShips available! I am looking for talented Informatics
people to research new techniques for analyzing and interacting with
text databases. The CZSaw system keeps an interactive history of analysis,
and maintians analyses in a dependency structure similar to spreadsheets.

Research: BioInformatics Visualization

IMAS Interactive Multigenomic Analysis System
RAShips available! I am looking for talented Informatics
people to research new techniques for analyzing and interacting with
Biological Sequence Data, as well as other types of sequence data

Research: New Technologies for Chronic Pain

RAShips available! I am looking for talented Informatics
people to research new Virtual Reality techniques and technologies
that help people with Chronic Pain manage their pain.

Recent Courses:


Editorships, Etc

Current Students

Former Students

  • Ph.D.
    • Nis Bojin   Espistemology of Play, Grinding in MMOGs
    • Ignacio Llamas (2001-2005)  Joined nVidia in 2005
    • Justin Jang (2001-2005)   Now working with Jarek Rossignac on 3D model repair and simplification
    • Ari Lamstein (2002-2003)  Joined Maxis to work on Spore
  • Master's
    • Minoo Erfani (2008-2010)     Email Visualization & Analysis
    • Amit Kanwal (2005-2007) (Vadim Kyrylov co-sup)  A Gaming Framework for Modelling Competitive Service Industries
    • Eddie Hou (2005-2007) (Vadim Kyrylov co-sup)  Optimal Defensive Player Positioning with Collaboration in Digital Soccer Simulation
    • Robbie Foster (2003-2005)   3D Volume-Rendered Weather
    • Tazama U St Julien (2000-2005)   Firefighter Training Virtual Environment, Mobile Situational Visualization Joined Norfolk Southern in 2005
    • J. Y. Hong (2002-2004)   Zoomable Visualization of Bioinformatic Data
    • Brad P Kram (1999-2002)   Multiple Camera Considerations in a View-Dependent Continuous Level of Detail Algorithm Now at Blue Castle Games
    • James A Hall (1999-2002)   Visual Simulation of Candle Flames Now at Blue Castle Games
    • Dee Jay Randall (1998-2000)   3D Visualization Now at Blue Castle Games
    • Brook Bakay (1999-2000)   3D Visualization Now at BioWare, Edmonton
    • Carl Zhang (2005-2006)   IMAS: Metadata Facility
  • Undergraduate
    • Ciarán Llachlan Leavitt   BioInformatics Now UBC Computer Science Undergrad
    • Will Chao (2008)   Email Visualization Now at Grad School at UBC Computer Science
    • Johnny Ho (2007)   Strategy Game Development
    • Jason Chih (2007)   IMAS Layout Algorithms
    • Alex Tsai (2006)   IMAS Scene Graph Restructring
    • Qixia Athena Deng (2005-2006)   Bioinformatics: IMAS: Primer Design Integration Now at BC Genome Sciences Centre
    • Sharjeel Hooda (2005)   IMAS: TransTerm Integration Now at Emory School of Medicine
    • Justin Purdy (2005)   IMAS: Gene relationship Vis
    • Nirav Shah (2005)   IMAS: GeneBank sequence integration Now at Electronic Arts, California
    • Brian Henke (2004-2005)   IMAS: Primer Design
    • Fred "Buddy" Moore (2004-2005)   IMAS: Hmmer Visualization
    • Hemal Shah (2004-2005)   IMAS: Multialignment Visualization Now at Stanford Grad School/ Electronic Arts
    • Jeff Boyles (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization Now Senior Bologist at Eli Lilly in NC
    • Devin Cline (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization
    • Dusty Embrey (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization
    • Kyle Mahan (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization Now working in San Diego
    • Donko Jeliazkov (2004)   Simulation of Partial Blindness Virtual Environment Now at RISD/Brown University
    • Priyanka Karan (2004)   Simulation of Partial Blindness Virtual Environment Now a Project Manager at Sapient
    • Derrick Karimi (2004)   IMAS: Zoomable Navigation Now at ERDAS in Norcross, GA
    • Jessie Pledger (2004)   IMAS: GenBank data model
    • Miles Thomason (2004)   IMAS: Metabolic Networks Now CEO at Levia Software
    • Pravin "Pro" Bhat (2003)   Genie: Sequence Identity Plots Got PhD at U. Washington CS, Now at Weta Digital
    • Jee Choi (2003)   SFA Info Vis support
    • Dan Cunning (2003)   Fire Simulation: Rapidly culled fire & smoke Now at Hannon Hill Software
    • Andrew Drummond (2003)   IMAS: Blast visualization Now at Webroot Software
    • Vitaly Parnas (2003)   IMAS: Blast visualization Working in Chicago
    • John Goldis (2003)   GVis data management
    • Michael Turnley (2003)   GVis data management
    • Ahmad Sharif (2003)   GVis Sequence alignment visualization
    • Akshay Dayal (2002)   Fire Simulation data management, volume tree precomputation Now a Release Engineer at Google
    • Diana Blanshey (2002)   Zoomable Visualization with PAD++
    • Shannon Easley (2002)   Zoomable Visualization with PAD++
    • Ty Howard (2002)   Zoomable Visualization with PAD++
    • Ron Jacak (2002)   Multialigment Visualization Now at UNC Chapel Hill, getting Ph.D. in Biochemistry
    • David Meatte (2002)   Multialigment Visualization

shaw at Phone: (778) 782-7506   Fax: (778) 782-7488
Room 2819,
250 - 13450   102 Ave
Simon Fraser University Surrey
Surrey, BC, Canada, V3T 0A3

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