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Test Functions and Datasets

OTL Circuit Function


Dimensions: 6

The OTL Circuit function models an output transformerless push-pull circuit.

The response Vm is midpoint voltage.

Input Domain:

The input variables and their usual input ranges are:

Rb1 ∈ [50, 150] resistance b1 (K-Ohms)
Rb2 ∈ [25, 70] resistance b2 (K-Ohms)
Rf ∈ [0.5, 3] resistance f (K-Ohms)
Rc1 ∈ [1.2, 2.5] resistance c1 (K-Ohms)
Rc2 ∈ [0.25, 1.2]    resistance c2 (K-Ohms)
β ∈ [50, 300] current gain (Amperes)

Modifications and Alternative Forms:

For the purpose of input variable screening, Moon (2010) adds 14 input variables.



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