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Running Film 
1973, 4 min, colour, sound, 16mm
The location for this film is a busy London park in summer time. The camera remained stationary throughout the shooting process. With the camera switched on, the film maker ran past, into the centre of the frame and then away off into the distance. After ten seconds had elapsed the camera was switched off . This procedure was repeated until all of the film stock was used up. A hand clap, used to synchronise the sound at the start of each take, was not edited out and appears to cause the distant, tiny running figure to disappear. The frenetic and repetitive rhythm of the film maker running away from his camera contrasts with the ever-changing background of people leisurely strolling through the park. Though the piece initially has the appearance of a film loop, it becomes clear, as the film progresses, that it is in fact a series of different takes.