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Sea Pictures
1992, 36 min, colour, sound, 16mm
Sea Pictures

This film was shot in the city of Vancouver and in the surrounding landscapes of British Columbia. It is a film about hope and despair. Hope generated by the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian landscape. Despair that this beauty is so very fragile and vulnerable on a planet dominated by indifference, greed, and violence.

In the film a small child is building a sandcastle on a deserted beach. In the background the glass and steel towers of a city dominate the horizon. A succession of landscape and cityscape images weave dream-like patterns on the screen. The reverie is broken by the staccato bombardment of TV images. The child builds on, absorbed by the process of creativity. The dream-like images return, light and water combine in tiny waves ... the tide advances, alternately obscuring and revealing a childhood tide pool.

Acknowledgements and Credits
Made with assistance from the Arts Council of England and the National Film Board of Canada.

Sound Realization, recording, mix, by Robert MacNevin.