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How to get to SFU, Burnaby Mountain Campus

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Once you are on campus, the Museum is in the northeast corner of the Academic Quadrangle, Concourse Level. Although the main entrance is off the concourse in the AQ, the Museum is officially part of the MultiPurpose Complex or Education Building.

Wheelchair Accessibility in the MPX Building
Wheelchair access to the Museum itself is made difficult by the steps in the main entrance. There is a buzzer at the top of the stairs with the standard blue wheelchair sign, right beside the big window overlooking the gallery. Ring the buzzer and we will be happy to show you the alternate, wheelchair accessible entrance off the MPX 8000 hall.

Open Hours
10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. Closed weekends and statutory holidays.
Also closed when the Curator is teaching or in a meeting and cannot find a student to open the museum!
Call ahead if you wish: (778) 782-3325.

Please call: (778) 782-3325.

Pay Parking, click here for locations.

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