The People
who do the research
on Triangle Island)
Many people have worked, studied or volunteered at Triangle Island over the years. Here is the lowdown on a few of them.  
Dr. Mark Hipfner is the Scientific director of the Station. He is a University Research Associate at Simon Fraser and a Canadian Wildlife Service biologist. (Dig the prehistoric pancakes!)
Dr. Doug Bertram was the program director from 1995 - 2001. He is now the director of the Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team at Institute for Ocean Science, Sidney, BC.
Part of our intrepid 2005 field crew: standing, from left to right, Camp Manager BriAnne Addison, with field assistants Mathieu Charete, and Jasmine Freed; and kneeling William ("don't call me Willie") Nelson, and Allison Henderson.
Our man Charlie (aka Glenn Keddie, research assistant) flanked by his "angels": camp managers Laura McFarlane Tranquilla and Kristin Charleton and grad student BriAnne Addison. (2003)
Flying home! Volunteer Jim Dale, grad student Gwylim Blackburn and scientific director Mark Hipfner. (2003)
John Ryder (left) was our camp manager from 1997 through 2001. He probably holds the record for hours spent on Triangle! Mark Drever (right) was a research assistant in 2000.
Martin Grimm, a volunteer from Brandenberg, Germany, visited Triangle in 2001 for six weeks and took several of the lovely pictures featured on our website.