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March 26, 2004

S.F.U. Biology Graduate Caucus

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Caucus meeting minutes

March 26, 2004

In attendance: Allison Henderson, Kim Mathot, Brian Ma, Jeff Ball, Andrea Pomeroy, Martin Brummel, Shelley Hoover, Joline Widmeyer, Christiana Cheng, Jonathan Whiteley, Mattias, Jeremy Parker, Dawn Cooper

  1. CRC environment search
    • postponed until later this spring
  2. Storage cabinet
    • approved
    • should be in the BISC grad lounge area before the next meeting
  3. BioBlitz
    • assessment of biodiversity and area of forest used for teaching purposes will be assessed after the next meeting in the spring once the weather warms up. More details to follow
  4. Elections next month
    • caucus elections coming up
    • Allison will send out an e-mail outlining the positions available and requesting interested people to submit their names to her
  5. Inclusivity of the caucus
    • not all MET and MPM grads are on the bisc-grads mailing list. Caucus e-mails should be sent to these e-mail lists as well
  6. Checklist for new students
    • caucus will design a checklist to be given to new grad students in their welcome packages
    • purpose of the checklist is to improve communication between grads and advisors
    • lists will include info such as “what is the DGSC”, “what is the grad caucus”, etc.
  7. Updates on mentorship program
    • very successful first year
    • there likely isn’t enough grad student support to run the mentorship program every semester, but since most students arrive in September, efforts should be concentrated there
    • caucus committee will be formed to organize mentorship program for fall 2004 semester
  8. Webmaster
    • Martin Brummel forwarded a motion to create the position, seconded by Brian Ma, supported by everyone
    • Allison Henderson forwarded a motion to elect Jonathan Whiteley as webmaster, seconded by Brian Mal, supported by all.
  9. GF’s
    • applications now available
    • due 15th of April, 2004
    • remember, a major award is defined as anything >$6000/semester
  10. Hiring committee
    • Tier 1 CRC chair in health: Karen Romish
    • Cell Biologist: 1st choice, Harold Fisk, 2nd choice Jim Fawcette
    • Physiogist: Dov Swank
    • Developmental Biologist: 1st choice Harold Hutter, 2nd choice Katherine Vakawich.
  11. Travel Awards draw:

1. Jeanine Bond

2. Katrina Salvante

3. Tyler Lewis

4. Kimberley Mathot

5. Martin Brummel

6. Christine Parent

7. Keith Tierney

8. Joline Widmeyer

9. Jonathan Stecyk

10. Sandra Webster

11. Jeff Joy

12. Jason Peterson

13. Kristen Gorman (Breden Lab)

14. Jay Biernaskie

15. Brian Ma

16. Gwylim Blackburn

17. Oliver Love

18. Lily Cesh

19. Erika Eliasoan

20. Christiana Cheng

21. Andrea Pomeroy

22. Dawn Cooper