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Bisc Grad Caucus Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 1, 2005, 3:30pm

In attendance: Raul Ursic, Jason Catterson, Martin Brummell, Jeanine Bond, Ericka Lok, Jonathan Whiteley, Sarah Jamieson, Andrea Pomeroy, Niki Cook, Brian Ma, Oliver Love, Megan Kerford, Sandra Webster, Katrina Salvante, Tanya Burke, Aaron Wirsing, Charlotte Voss, Emily Wagner, Christiana Cheng, Paul Mages, Sam Quinlan, Jordy Thomson, Holly Middleton.

1. Call to order at 15:32 by Caucus Chair Andrea Pomeroy.

2. Symposium wrap up:

a. Andrea thanked everyone involved in the Biology Symposium. Twenty labs had posters, which is a record for the event.
b. Financial report: Caucus had $2800 ($1200 from the Biology Department, $1000 from the Dean of Science and $600 from SFSS), total expenses for alcohol, food, door prizes and other miscellaneous items were $2834. The Biology department paid the small difference.
c. Suggestions for next year’s event:
• Consensus was to order less fruit and more sandwiches!
• Voss suggested to host the event elsewhere next year as SSB atrium was a bit small and people had the impression of being trapped. B. Ma reminded everyone the necessity of having a closed area due to alcohol regulations.

3. Caucus elections announcement:

a. Caucus elections will take place during next meeting. Chair Pomeroy will send a formal announcement by email this week.
b. Some of the positions available are Chair, member at large, scholarship committee and faculty mole.

4. Committees reports:

a. DGSC: no report
b. GIC (Raul URSIC): reminder of the graduate social at the pub, starting at 4PM, free pizza and cheap beer provided. Referendum for a graduate health plan was held last week with a higher turnout than expected; we expect to have a majority of the votes in favor of the health plan.
c. TSSU (C. Cheng): No report, TSSU is still negotiating the new contract.
d. Scholarship committee (A. Pomeroy): reminder of the April 15th deadline for GF applications.

5. SFSS travel grant draw

a. Andrea reminded all the terms of reference for the award. C$100 to cover travel or conference registration expenses. To claim the award one needs to bring to the SFSS office a receipt for the expense incurred and a copy of the Caucus minutes where the draw was held.
b. C. Cheng proceeded with the draw:

1. Jason Catterson
2. Jordy Thomson
3. Oliver Love
4. Aaron Wirsing
5. Charlotte Voss
6. Dawn Cooper
7. Tanya Burke
8. Emily Wagner
9. Martin Brumell
10. Brent Gurd
11. Brian Ma

c. B List
12. Mathias Schuetz
13. Nikki Cook
14. Raul Ursic
15. Paul Marges
16. Jolie Gariers
17. Agnes Kwok
18. Christiana Cheng
19. Peter Katinic
20. Erica Jefferey
21. Theingi Aung
22. Andrea Pomeroy
23. Holly Middleton

6. Other business

a. Andrea noted that we still have $200 available from SFSS core funding that needs to be spent before the end of the Spring semester. A motion was tabled that caucus pay for two afternoon pizza events by the end of April, Seconded by Katrina Salvante, Carried.


7. Meeting Adjourned