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Other Business

Bisc Grad Caucus Meeting Minutes

Friday, August 5, 2005, 3:30pm

In attendance: Dawn Cooper, Raul Ursic, Tanya Burke, Keith Tierney, Melanie Hart, Charlotte Voss, Jason Catterson, Eric Siljander, Theingi Aung, Emily Wagner, Jonathan Whiteley, Katrina Salvante, Courtney Albert, Reza Babajami, Martin Brummell.

1. Welcome and introductions

a. Dawn Cooper welcomed all and the agenda was introduced.

2. Approval of meeting expenses

a. Moved by Katrina Salvante, seconded by Raul Ursic, caucus expenses for the meeting were approved.

3. Grad student summer BBQ

a. Survey respondents have offered different dates and locations.
i. Possible locations include Buntzen Lake, Barnet Marine Park, and Spanish Banks. An off-campus location was preferred by respondents. Carpools can be organized, but Barnet and Spanish Banks locations are accessible by BC transit. Caucus members in attendance were in favor of the more local Barnet location and preferred a date of Thursday August 12th, 2005.
b. Setup for this event will begin at around 2 pm. Raul Ursic, Reza Babajami and Theingi Aung have volunteered to help.
c. Food will consist of burgers, hotdogs and other items. Please advise Dawn Cooper (dmcooper@sfu.ca) by Monday pm how many people are going to attend from your lab, and how many are vegetarian. An email will be sent out with details.
d. A motion was tabled to purchase a $50 gift certificate to the SFU pub (Higher Grounds) for the best lab turnout.
i. Moved by Dawn Cooper, seconded by Martin Brummell, Carried

4. This year's logo competition for the bisc grad directory

a. The contest was delayed and will be held at the upcoming barbeque (Thursday August 12th, 2005). An email will be sent out to remind people. The award will be $50.

5. BISC 7000 level lounge and B8253 update

a. Dawn Cooper met with Barb Sherman – they wish to go ahead with renovations for the 7000 lounge. There will be a new fridge, new large counter with sink, locking cupboards, and shelves. The area will receive new furniture, and funds donated by the SFSS will contribute. Barb Sherman has also proposed an antiundergrad sign for the area. Dawn Cooper has requested a whiteboard, and has tracked down the wayward picture donated by the previous grad secretary (Sylvia Foran). Caucus will also get monies for other pictures. Barb would like feedback on the room update, so please email Dawn Cooper (dmcooper@sfu.ca) with any suggestions.
b. Jonathan Whiteley proposed a photo contest for artwork.

6. Mentorship program-details

a. All details are not yet in, but the date will likely be after Sept. 10th.
b. Motion for $200 for the barbeque that follows the event.
i. Moved by Martin Brummell, seconded by Jonathan Whiteley, Carried.

7. News from committees

a. Scholarships – no news.
b. DGSC – no news.
c. GIC – Raul Ursic – The health plan is set and finalized – $228/yr for the first 2 yrs ($76/ semester). There will be an option for dental or eye care only ($38 each). If you wish to opt out, you must do so online within a couple weeks of the semester starting. There will be a social when plan starts.
d. TSSU – see Christiana Cheng’s recent email.

8. Other business

a. Biology grad student seminar – Robert Ricklefs will be giving a talk. The contact person for the event will be volunteer Melanie Hart. Faith Rapchuk will look after hotel, plane, etc. Previously, Kathleen Fitzpatrick required one grad student to help with the semester’s seminars; duties included fetching beer, chips, and ensuring the room was ready. Any interested persons can email Dawn Cooper (dmcooper@sfu.ca).

9. Meeting was adjourned