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Technical Information on MRBS (Please email Dave Carmean for most recent information).

Help with Repeat Bookings

Quick Help     

People (including admins) can only view details of their own bookings in the Student view (green & yellow) unless an admin has marked them public.
Admins must block any times they don't want booked, and enter times for drop-in appointments (change "Type:" to "Drop-in"  from the pulldown menu)
Change "Privacy status" to "Public" so students can see the description (e.g Drop-in Time).
Use repeat bookings when appropriate.
Never bookmark or link a page with the date & time information in the link, or you will always return to that date & time.
Always feel free to email me (carmean@sfu.ca), especially if you find a bug.


Please send bug reports and suggestions for improving this system to carmean@sfu.ca.