Fall 2007

The biophysics seminars this fall will be held on Thursdays at 12:30 pm in P8445B unless otherwise notified.

Date Speaker Topic
Sep. 11th 11:30 am Chi-Ming Chen
National Taiwan Normal University
Nanopore sequencing of polynucleotides assisted by a circular electric field
Oct. 4th Didier Falconnet
UBC Physics
Molecular Assembly Patterning by Lift-off at the Micro- and Nanoscale for Applications in the Biosciences
Oct. 11th Claudiu Gradinaru
Uni. of Toronto
Single Molecules Tell Many Tales
Oct. 18th Women in Physics lunch
Oct. 25th Astrid van der Horst
SFU Physics
Probing elastin molecules and networks using holographic optical tweezers
Nov. 1st Marinko Sarunic
SFU Eng. Sci.
Biomedical Imaging With Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Nov. 8th TBA TBA
Nov. 15th Michel Gauthier Simulation of polymer translocation through small channels: A Molecular Dynamics study and a new Monte Carlo approach
Nov. 22nd James Taylor
UBC Physics
Interrogating dynamic phenotypes using a high-throughput single cell microfluidic platform
Nov. 29th Edgar Young
Complex voltage-activation of pacemaker channels

Summer 2007

The biophysics journal club talks for the summer will be in P8445B at 12:00-1:00 PM every Teusday unless otherwise noted. Bring your lunch and enjoy!

The special biophysics seminar will be in P8445B at 2:00 PM

Date Speaker Topic
May 15th John Bechhoefer
SFU Phyiscs
'Infotaxis' as a strategy for searching without gradients (text)
My 22nd Eldon Emberly
SFU Physics
Simulation of the mechanical unfolding of a protein
May 29th Nancy Forde
SFU Physics
Measuring the Folding Transition Time of Single RNA Molecules (text)
June 5th Philip Johnson
SFU Physics
The quantum mechanics of photosynthesis (paper1, paper2) (text)
June 12th Arnold Sikkema
TWU Physics
Phase Transitions in Systems of Self-Propelled Agents and Related Network Models
June 19th Edgar Young
How astrocytes get their news
(paper1, paper2) (text)
June 22th Suckjoon Jun
Special seminar: Can entropy save bacteria?
June 26th Michelle Lee
SFU Physics
Experimental and theoretical study of mitotic spindle orientation (text)
July 3rd Roja Zakariaee
SFU Physics
Application of infrared light for in vivo neural stimulation (text)
July 10th Yi Deng
SFU Physics
Kinesin's Network of Chemomechanical Motor Cycles
July 17th Astrid v.d. Horst
SFU Physics
Antitumour drugs impede DNA uncoiling by topoisomerase I
July 24th Katarina Petrovic
SFU Physics
Stability and Nuclear Dynamics of the Bicoid Morphogen Gradient (paper1, paper2)
July 31st Yang Li
SFU Physics
Probabilistic reasoning by neurons (text)
Aug 7th Dave Lee
SFU Physics
Universal behaviour between soft materials and the living cell (text, addintional paper1, paper2)
Aug 14th Helmut Brand
Uni. Bayreuth
Polymer rheology and nonlinear transient elasticity
Aug 20th 1:30 pm Samir Hamdan
Harvard Medical School
Single-molecule view of DNA replication
Aug 21th Shun Adachi
Kyoto University
Chromosome Dynamics in Escherichia coli
Aug 28th Eirikur Palsson
SFU Biology
Two Complementary, Local Excitation, Global Inhibition Mechanisms Acting in Parallel Can Explain the Chemoattractant-Induced Regulation of PI(3,4,5)P3 Response in Dictyostelium Cells

Spring 2007

Seminars and journal club talks will be in SSB7172 at 3:30-4:30PM unless otherwise noted. Dates marked with a * are journal club talks.

Date Speaker Topic
January 15th John Bechhoefer
How frog embryos replicate their DNA reliably
January 22nd Cenk Sahinalp
Computer Science, SFU
taveRNA: A Combinatorial Toolkit for Predicting the Independent and Joint Structure of RNA Sequences
January 29th Martin Sikor
University of Augsburg
From microfluidics to the thermodynamics of membranes; from Augsburg to SFU
February 12th Suzana Strauss
UBC Chemistry
Rescheduled; February 26th
February 19th Lynne Quarmby, SFU Biology Calcium signalling and microtubule severing at the fulcrum of communication between cilia and cell cycle regulation
February 26th Suzana Strauss
UBC Chemistry
Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins by Oriented Solid State NMR
March 12th APS/Biophysical Society Meeting recap TBA
March 19th Michael Silverman
SFU Biology
Protein trafficking in cultured hippocampal neurons
March 26th Max Donelan
SFU Kinesiology
Why do we walk the way we do? Mechanical determinants of the metabolic cost of gait.
April 2nd Benjamin Smith
UBC physics
Using the non-linear elasticity of a phospholipid bilayer as a transducer for free energy of lipid-cholesterol interactions