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Case 1:  Residential Schools

Case 2: JR Nakogee Elementary

Timeline of significant events from both cases


Case backgrounder


Case backgrounder



"History of Indian Residential Schools" by Cold Lake First Nations


Where are the children? Healing the legacy of the residential schools. Exhibit link has excellent materials in a number of sections including:

  • Assimilation
  • Home
  • Leaving Home
  • Residential Schools
  • School scenes from the Blackfoot Reserve, Alberta
  • Schools scenes from the lens of Sister Liliane

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation Residential Schools resources page has a number of tremendous resources including:

Indian and Northern Affairs Annual Report 1973-74 regarding the policy paper by the Nation Indian Brotherhood called "Indian Control of Indian Education" - click to view pages 43 and 44.

House of Commons Debates June 11, 2008: Official Apology to former students of Indian residential schools offered by Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper


1922 Document: The Story of a National Crime: An Appeal for Justice to the Indians of Canda


Multicultural Canada has a lot of information on individual First Nations with regard to education both before the Residential Schools and afterwards.

  1. MC Canada: Education, Language, Communication of the Algonquian Peoples
  2. MC Canada: Culture, Religion, Education of the Ktunaxa people
  3. MC Canada: Education, Language, Communication of the Na-dene
  4. MC Canada: Education, Language, Communication of the Tsimshian
  5. MC Canada: Education, Language, Communication of the Wakashans
  6. MC Canada: Education, Language, Communication of the Iriquois

National Post: "Residential Schools a sad chapter in our history Harper tells First Nations"



Knet Media Blog: Attawapiskat First Nation declares state of emergency and closes schools due to fumes


Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Chronology: Attawapiskat First Nation Elementary School 1996-2009


Attawapiskat First Nation Website (scroll down for entries and images)


Facebook Page: Attawapiskat Children Fight for School


Daily Press - "Attawapiskat gets green light for new school"

Blog: Attawapiskat state of emergency ignored by Government

The Star Online: Kids show way in fight for school

Canoe.ca: Timmins, ON's "Daily Press": Attawapiskat has big reason to celebrate this Christmas


(NB. The video resources listed below are very important to this case as the power of YouTube was harnessed by parties in Attawapiskat in their campaign to get funds for a new school.)


  1. The Fallen Feather: Residential schools photo gallery
  2. Where are the children website has multiple image galleries
  3. Canadian Encyclopedia First Nations Image Gallery
  4. Library and Archives Canada: Mi'kmaq girls in sewing class at the Roman Catholic-run Shubenacadie Indian Residential School in Shubenacadie
  5. Library and Archives Canada: Residential school girls sewing
  6. Library and Archives Canada: Children holding letters that spell "Goodbye" at Fort Simpson Indian Residential School
  7. Library and Archives Canada: Unknown Residential School
  8. Library and Archives Canada: Unknown Residential School


  1. Attawapiskat First Nation Blog photo archive
  2. Attawapiskat First Nation Blog: 2008 Kids with an assortment of posters
  3. Attawapiskat First Nation Blog: Fort Albany rally with candles
  4. Attawapiskat First Nation Blog: Kids with banner
  5. Attawapiskat First Nation Blog: Child with poster asking for a new school, 2005
  6. Attawapiskat First Nation Blog: Children with big poster asking for a real school, 2008
  7. JR Nakogee School Attawapiskat photo by Paul Lantz



  1. CBC Archives: A Lost Heritage: Canada's Residential Schools
  2. CBC Archives: Government takes over schools
  3. CBC Archives: Losing native languages
  4. CBC Archives (radio): The churches explain
  5. YouTube: Canada apologizes for residential school system
  6. YouTube: Indian Residential Schools in Canada the painful legacy
  7. YouTube: Remembering the Children - Indian Residential Schools (on truth and reconciliation commission)




  1. YouTube: Attawapiskat School Fight produced by students of JR Nakogee
  2. YouTube: Attawapiskat School Toxic Contamination
  3. YouTube: NDP MP Charlie Angus on Attawapiskat School Issue
  4. YouTube: Attawapiskat School Fight- CBC Interview w/ Indian Affairs
  5. YouTube: Attawapiskat Children's Rally
  6. YouTube: CTV story on Attawapiskat school
  7. YouTube: Attawapiskat - where are the promises?
  8. YouTube: Attawapiskat School Demoliiton
  9. YouTube: Attawapiskat - where are the promises?


Additional resources:

Canadiana.org: Resources regarding residential schools with some links to trace documents



Anglican Residential Schools Chronology


Website based on: Shingwauk's Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools


Canada in the Making: Aboriginal Treaties & Relations


Government of Canada: Aboriginal Canada Portal: Residential Schools


Library and Archives Canada: Indian and Northern Affairs Annual Reports 1864-1990 (Searchable for info on Residential schools. Most reports contain a summary regarding education)


The Anglican Church of Canada: Residential Schools: The Living Apology


Indian Residential Schools Survivors Society: History


Canadian Encyclopedia entry on Residential Schools


Library and Archives Canada Bibliography of materials available on the Residential Schools in Canada


The Child Abuse Survivor Monument


Additional resources:

Indian and Northern Affairs document: Improving Education on Reserves: A First Nations Authority Act




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