Philosophers' Café | Moderators

  • Mark Battersby

    Dr. Mark Battersby teaches at Capilano University and is endlessly curious about humans and the... read more

  • Alan Belk

    A philosopher and fully paid-up member of the precariat, Alan has taught ethics, critical thinking,... read more

  • Abbie Boer

    Abbie Boer is a candidate for a bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at... read more

  • Christine Brain

    Involved in the healing arts for over 20 years, Christine Brain is a yoga and meditation... read more

  • Gary Cleave

    Gary's quest for the truth began in earnest when he became an SFU student in 1966. After graduating... read more

  • Vanessa Cowley

    As a second-generation SFU graduate, Vanessa has a long history with the University and has been a... read more

  • Diana Davidson

    Retired member of Law Societies of BC and Yukon. Founder of People's Law School. Active in Gay... read more

  • Michael Filimowicz

    Michael Filimowicz is a lecturer in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU. He is... read more

  • Brian Fraser

    Brian Fraser is lead provocateur of Jazzthink, where he uses the wit, wisdom and workings of jazz... read more

  • Heidi Gable

    Heidi Gable believes that relationships matter. She considers herself a shameless idealist with... read more

  • Sukhmani Gill

    Sukhmani has spent a few good years holed up on the mountain, burning through her undergraduate... read more

  • Ada Glustein

    Ada Glustein is a writer, educator and group facilitator. She served as a kindergarten and... read more

  • Monika Hilder

    Monika B. Hilder (Ph.D. Simon Fraser University) is Professor of English at Trinity Western... read more

  • Andy Hira

    Andy Hira is a professor of political science at SFU. He is the author of seven books and numerous... read more

  • Camilla Ho

    Camilla describes herself as an adventure-seeker. She has travelled to many countries around the... read more

  • Peter Holt

    Peter Holt is a Chartered Engineer and former British Royal Navy engineering officer. After moving... read more

  • Oliver Hung

    Oliver is a retired engineer and long-time SFU philosopher's cafe participant. He enjoys the range... read more

  • David Kaufman

    Dr. David Kaufman served for seven years as Director, Learning & Instructional Development... read more

  • Jason Lepöjarvi

    Dr. Jason Lepojärvi is a scholar-in-residence at Regent College for the 2016-17 academic year.... read more

  • Christopher Ludwig

    Christopher Ludwig is a highly accomplished composer, producer, flutist and poet. He is also the... read more

  • Randall MacKinnon

    Randall MacKinnon, the SENIORSage for MackINNOVATION, has served in various roles and positions for... read more

  • Michelle Mozel

    A Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Epidemiology, Michelle's specialty... read more

  • Kirsten Nowak

    Kirsten Nowak embraces whatever the world has to offer, inviting others to ‘find the sunshine’... read more

  • Michael Picard

    Michael Picard is an instructor at SFU and in Douglas College's Department of Philosophy and... read more

  • Pamela Preston

    Pamela Preston is interested in lifelong learning and influences on human development. As an Early... read more

  • Shiraz Ramji

    Shiraz was born in Tanzania. His parents were born in Gujarat, India. He grew up with four... read more

  • Katerina Semenko

    Katerina Semenko is a multidisciplinary designer, inventor and entrepreneur who works across... read more

  • Will Tesler

    Will Tesler has a Ph.D. in underwater acoustics and has worked with the Pacific Biological Station... read more

  • Shannon Tito

    Shannon is an educator who has been teaching in the BC public school system for more than 20 years.... read more

  • Maria Turnbull

    Maria Turnbull worked in London and completed her MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore prior to... read more

  • Krista Wallace

    Krista Wallace is an author who writes mostly fantasy, but has mucked about with other genres and... read more

  • Karen Watts

    In 2005 Karen Southall Watts drove across the United States alone to begin a new phase of her life... read more

  • Meguido Zola

    Meguido Zola was completely unknown until 19-mumble-mumble. Then he was born. Even then, he... read more

  • Meg Zuccaro

    Meg Zuccaro lives in the world as an Anam Cara (“soul friend”). Enchanted by the limitless beauty... read more