Road Report

This page was last updated on: Wednesday, 19 June 2024 12:39PM PDT

Burnaby Campus

Road Condition: DRY

It is currently 18°C on campus with sunny skies. Roadways, parking lots, and walkways are dry. Driving conditions are good and visibility is good. 

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Surrey Campus

Vancouver Campus

Burnaby Traffic Cameras

Below are screenshot images taken from our traffic cameras which updates every 15 seconds for 30 minutes.

AQ North

This view looks at the interior courtyard of the Academic Quadrangle (AQ). At the centre is the AQ pond which during most times of the year is full of koi fish. In the distance are the North Shore mountains.


AQ South West

Mounted on the AQ rooftop, this camera view overlooks the drive up to the University. In the centre of the image is the Maggie Benston Centre building and Terry Fox field in the distance.


AQ South East

Mounted on the AQ rooftop, this camera view overlooks the Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard. Multiple UniverCity residential towers are in the distance.


Gaglardi intersection

This is the intersection of Gaglardi Way, University Drive and Burnaby Mountain Parkway. The camera position changes often, but generally shows the intersection itself, with Burnaby and Vancouver beyond it down the mountain.


Tower Road North

Facing north on Tower Road, this view shows the prominent Water Tower structure in the background. For residential privacy reasons, some areas of this camera feed have been intentionally blurred.


Tower Road South

Facing south along Tower Road, this view shows the descent down to the South Campus Road intersection and beyond to University Drive East.


University Drive North

This is the view from the seventh floor of the Library at the Burnaby campus of SFU. The camera presently faces west-northwest along University Drive North and shows the roadway, with the West Mall Complex on the left. In the far distance you can often see North and West Vancouver and the north shore mountains.


Blusson Hall (BLU) Roof

This view is from the roof of the BLU building facing south. This area will be the site of the new Marianne and Edward Gibson Art Museum.


Other safety, traffic, and weather resources


Visit the severe weather page for campus safety resources. Find information on winter weather preparedness, winter driving, tips to avoid fall and slips, and more.  


Deer and other wildlife may suddenly appear on roadways. Drive slowly around Burnaby Mountain. Learn more about wildlife safety here.


Constant traffic updates can be heard on radio station AM730. Traffic updates also run every 10 minutes on AM1130 and AM980.  

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