Upcoming courses and workshops

Career Development Practitioner

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Career Development Practitioner Certificate. Please note that registration may close up to one week before a course begins.   

Surrey Surrey

May 2018

8 Personality Dimensions Level 1 Training CPRA205 CPRA205-SU1184

June 2018

11 Job Finding Club Training CPRA210 CPRA210-SU1184

July 2018

3 Career Centre Advising Training CPRA220 CPRA220-SU11841

September 2018

5 Strategic Career Management CPRA150 CPRA150-SU1187

19 Career Services: Educational, Public and Corporate Settings CPRA155 CPRA155-SU1187

October 2018

17 Career Coaching Skills CPRA160 CPRA160-SU1187