Upcoming courses and workshops

Urban Planning and Design

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. URBD courses are available as part of the Urban Design Certificate. Please note that registration may close up to one week before a course begins.   

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October 2017

26 Designing and Drafting Design Guidelines CITY252 CITY252-VA1177

November 2017

15 Economic Fundamentals URBD785 URBD785-VA1177

17 Planning for Transportation and Accessibility URBD790 URBD790-VA1177

21 Community Data Science Theory and Practice CDSC101 CDSC101-VA1177

23 Planning and Zoning Law Refresher CITY255 CITY255-VA1177

January 2018

25 Studio I: Analytic Tools URBD778 URBD778-SU1181

February 2018

2 Aging, Design, and the City CITY256 CITY256-VA1181

April 2018

11 Ecological Planning and Sustainable Design URBD787 URBD787-VA1181

13 Public Realm URBD789 URBD789-VA1181

May 2018

31 Studio II: Synthesis of Urban Form URBD779 URBD779-1184