Report updated at 1:42 pm on Friday, September 21, 2018. This report will be updated as conditions change.

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Burnaby Campus

Roads: wet

It is currently 14°C on campus with cloudy skies and heavy rain.  Roadways, parking lots, and walkways are wet. Driving conditions are fair and visibility is good.

Be aware that due to heavy rainfall there may be areas of pooling water.  Please use caution when driving or walking around campus and avoid walking or driving through large puddles of water where possible for personal safety.


Be aware that it is bear season. If you see a bear on the SFU Burnaby Campus, please remain calm. Keep yourself, children, and pets away from the bear, and contact Campus Security at 778-782-4500. 

Rainfall Warning: Rainfall amounts up to 75 mm are expected through Friday night.  Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible.

Surrey Campus

Vancouver Campus

Burnaby Webcams

University Drive North

University Drive North

Gaglardi Intersection

Gaglardi intersection

AQ North

Convocation Mall

AQ South West

AQ South West

Tower Road North

Tower Road North

Tower Road South

Tower Road South

All Burnaby Campus Webcams


Traffic Updates by Radio

Constant traffic updates can be heard on radio station AM730. Traffic updates also run every 10 minutes on AM1130 and AM980.

SFU Burnaby Road & Traffic Updates by Phone

The SFU Burnaby Road and Traffic report is also available at: 604-444-4929 and will be updated whenever conditions change.

Severe Weather Safety Tips

Visit the Severe Weather page for campus safety resources. Find information on winter weather preparedness, winter driving, tips to avoid slips, and more.