Report updated today at 6:19 pm. This report will be updated as conditions change.

Burnaby Campus


Burnaby Roads: wet

  • Adjacent roads: Not applicable
  • Classes and exams: On schedule
  • Translink Buses: On schedule

Surrey Campus


Classes and exams: On schedule

Vancouver Campus


Classes and exams: On schedule



The multi-vehicle accident on Burnaby Mountain Parkway has been cleared, and the road has been re-opened.

It is currently 9°C on campus with overcast skies and rain. Roadways, parking lots, and walkways are wet. Please drive with caution and watch for water pooling on the roadways.  Driving conditions are fair and visibility is good.

Be aware that it is bear season. If you see a bear on the SFU Burnaby Campus, please remain calm, keep yourself, children, and pets away from the bear, and contact Campus Security at 778-782-4500.

Please watch for pedestrians, wildlife, road closures, and areas that are currently under construction while traveling around campus.


Rainfall warning in effect

Rain, at times heavy, is expected.

A strong Pacific frontal system has stalled over Vancouver Island this afternoon. Heavy rain will continue with amounts of 50 mm expected before tapering to showers this evening.

Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads.

Burnaby Webcams

University Drive North

University Drive North

Gaglardi Intersection

Gaglardi intersection

AQ North

Convocation Mall

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