Submit your COVID-19 vaccine declaration by September 20

September 07, 2021

This message has been sent to all faculty and staff.

It is now mandatory for all SFU students, faculty and staff to declare their vaccination status by Sept 20, 2021.


How it works

You will be asked to submit your vaccination status on the secure Thrive Health – SFU Vaccine Declaration website. If you are fully vaccinated, that is the only step required. If you are not fully vaccinated or choose not to disclose your status, you will receive reminders to consider vaccination and rapid testing. The process is confidential and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

In the future, you may be asked to submit more information including proof of vaccination, that you have recently taken a rapid test or whether you are absent from campus (e.g. you are an International Student who has not returned to Canada this term or a staff or faculty member on leave this term). 

Rapid testing expected for those not fully vaccinated

Starting later in September, regular rapid testing will be offered to those who declare they have not been vaccinated or who choose not to declare their vaccine status. 

Learn more

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Declaration page on the Return to Campus website or email