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Human Resources Strategic Business Partner Receives Staff Achievement Award for Work Performance

October 11, 2023

Having spent just over a year at SFU, Heidi Vukic has proven her deep understanding of the university. She serves as the Human Resources Strategic Business Partner (HR SBP) and is a proud recipient of the 2022 Staff Achievement Award for Work Performance. 

“What sets Heidi apart is her focus on clients to support the maximization of organizational performance, people recruitment and retention, and change championing,” says Seychelle Cushing, Executive Director, SFU’s Partnerships Hub.

During Vukic’s time at the university, she has efficiently developed a breadth of insight. She identifies opportunities, solves problems and helps each department achieve their goals. 

One quality that her colleagues appreciate is her enthusiasm to go the extra mile in every aspect of work. Supporting Vukic’s nomination, Carla Deresh, Director, HR SBP Services, reflects, “Heidi goes above and beyond in being accessible and responsive to clients, curiosity and a collaborative solutions focused approach to her work.” Her role involves dealing with issues that require immense patience and highly skilled approaches. Vukic attempts to fully understand each leader’s operations and helps them think outside of the box. 

She provides a personalized support system for each of her clients. Shelly Gair, Executive Director of the Vice President Research & International (VPRI) says, “Heidi’s job title is “HR Business Partner,” and I think all the leaders within the VPRI portfolio would agree that she truly is one of our “partners” and that she consistently works above and beyond the call of duty”.  

As a trusted advisor, she also approaches her clients with empathy and compassion. She is seen as approachable and available to those needing her assistance. Receiving the Staff Achievement Award in Work Performance is just one way to show appreciation for and acknowledge all that she does. SFU thanks Heidi Vukic for her services and is excited to see her future endeavors as she continues working diligently for the university.